7 February 2017

Workshops with Eric Coenen

Hello, readers!

As we wrote in this blog post, we have been eagerly awaiting our training week with Eric Coenen. The training week was fantastic and we thank Eric for visiting us and sharing his positivity and knowledge with our students, and encouraging the bands to work even harder in a positive atmosphere. His coaching means a lot to us and we are grateful for this opportunity to learn more from him.

Eric and junior teacher Emir with mixed band Proximity Mine

Eric and junior teacher Filip with mixed band I.F.O.

Junior teacher Blerta with mixed band Akasha

Mixed band Sublime 6

Eric and junior teacher Filip with mixed band High Frequency

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for all the future news!

5 February 2017

Proximity Mine films music video on their own

Ever since Proximity Mine blew us away with their first performance during last year’s Summer School, we knew to expect great things from this band. Their creativity and team work have earned respect and admiration from everyone at the Rock School, and especially now that they have managed to film their own music video for their song Sorry Mom. The song is very personal to the lead singer Ilda, the video depicting the theme of it, and Ilda hopes to inspire and send an important message through this work. She says:

I wrote the song in August last year in Skopje, and while I was writing it, I’ve had images going through my head about how I’m apologizing to my mother for not being the kind of kid that she’s always wanted, maybe one day I won’t become a doctor, a lawyer and such, but I want to create art in any way, be it fine arts or music. Then I recorded an acoustic version with my band and we agreed to film a music video that would visually convey the message to all parents.

Well, I say job well done, since both the song and the music video are very powerful in achieving this goal. Hopefully the message will reach those who most need it, and you can help by watching the video above and sharing it!

Music video info:
Vocals/Lyrics: Ilda Krama
Guitar: Alem Redzepagic
Piano: Zlatko Redzovic
Drums: Stefan Kuc
Rec & Mix: Emir Hasani
Video production: Arban Osmani

28 January 2017

Eric Coenen to visit Mitrovica for the scheduled workshops

Hello and thanks for checking in for some more great news!

As we’re looking back at the former workshops with Ronald Seerden (remind yourselves in this link), we are looking forward to welcome another Dutch artist who will also share his wisdom with us.

Eric Coenen is a bass player, coach and band coach. He has collaborated with many national and international artists, such as Ilse Delange, Jan Akkerman, Manfred Mann and many more. He’s been working at the Fontys Rockacademie as a bass teacher and coach for 17 years, but he has been coaching bands for over 30 years and is still going strong! His own band is called Blowbeat and their upcoming tour starts in April 2017.

This will be Eric’s first time to visit Mitrovica, but he is no stranger to our teachers and students, as he was a part of the summer schools in Skopje in 2014 and 2015. During these weeks, he has shared valuable advice and friendship with our students, so we can’t wait to work with him again! Eric will work directly with the bands, and he will also coach our teachers as part of their training as band coaches and songwriting coaches.

Starting from the 30th of January, the workshops are scheduled to happen throughout the week, up until the 5th of February.

Stay tuned to find out how it goes!

13 January 2017

Sublime 6’s music video from Hotel Gracanica is here!

After Akasha’s acoustic music video being published (read about it here), now we also have the one of Sublime 6. Reminder: both bands have visited Hotel Gracanica last year for an acoustic performance, radio interviews and music video filming (read about it here).

The setting for Sublime 6 was much different than the one for Akasha, in order to really capture the vibe of the song and the band’s style in general (thanks to Kiklop Kikloparium and Goran Jolovic for thinking it through and putting it all together). The song is called Battery and its mood is perfect for their filming space and the overall atmosphere. Recharge your inner batteries by checking their video above and feel free to share!

Music and lyrics: Jelena Zafirovic
Video recording: Kiklop Kikloparium
Video production: Goran Jolovic
Audio recording and production: Emir Hasani
Recorded at Hotel Gracanica

10 January 2017

Akasha’s music video from Hotel Gracanica is here!

First of all: Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for tuning in!

The great news to start this year off with is that the music video of our band Akasha is finished and published. Let’s remind ourselves of the event where they filmed the video in this link.

It was a sunny day, which perfectly corresponded to the vibe of their song called Fire, and the producer made sure that the scenes correspond as well. If you’re in the mood to sit back and enjoy some sunny acoustic vibes during these cold winter days, watch their video above and pass it on!

Video recording: Kiklop Kikloparium
Video production: Goran Jolovic
Audio recording and production: Emir Hasani

Recorded at Hotel Gracanica

24 December 2016

Rock School band ŠKART promotes its debut album

This year has been very productive for our Rock School and it seems like that’s not going to change anytime soon. One of the highlights and perhaps the most ambitious activity is ŠKART’s debut album realization.

ŠKART: (from left to right) Vladimir (drums and back vocals), Lazar (bass and back vocals), Nikola (lead vocal and guitar), Alem (guitar and back vocals)

ŠKART is a punk band that came out of the Rock School's north branch and has achieved quite a lot since it’s been formed. With their bold original songs and some covers, they have performed many local gigs, as well as at some gigs in Serbia. Led by Nikola, the band has faced many challenges over the past couple of years, but even though it was a rocky path, it hasn’t stopped them from being consistent and their voice and message are even clearer than before. Last Thursday, we had a chance to hear this message at their album promotion event. The process of the album preparations stood as a challenge for them, too, but they have proved that it was all worth it.

Album cover (photo taken from the official Facebook page of ŠKART)

The album title is Vreme Sjajno – Vreme Jadno (approximate translation: Great Times – Miserable Times) and it consists of 8 songs (8th being a bonus track). The lyrics and melodies, which have all been written by the (former and some current) band members, are raw and honest, containing just the right amount of sarcasm and tragi-comic themes, like the old-school punk that we have been missing for quite some time. Give a listen to the whole album here: 

We wish ŠKART the best in the future, but most of all to  never stop being real and honest.

Thanks for the punk, guys!

22 December 2016

Gig review: Nirvana tribute

On 15th of December, yet another gig was organized to help us get a little warmer during these cold days of winter. Our north-based vocal and keyboard teacher, project coordinator and band coach Emir Hasani is also very good at impersonating the late master of grunge - Kurt Cobain. His Nirvana tribute band exists for some time now and it has been satisfying our nostalgic needs ever since it’s been formed. Aside from Emir as the lead, the band consists of two other members – Vanja on bass and Zoran on drums. Not only do they play some of the best Nirvana songs that we can sing along to, they make Nirvana come to life again with the whole performance and let us remember ‘the good old days’ that some of us didn’t even have the chance to live, but can enjoy its believable projection through their amazing tribute.