31 August 2008

First day, Monday August 18

Second-best photo-op: bringing instruments from the hotel to the school (I got to carry the cool guitar ;))

Most impressive: the way Joey and Sophie did the pop/rock quiz together and were able to get everyone into it.

Skopje's no. 1 top model: Milos

Coolest: by a distance, the jam session in the afternoon. I missed half of it, but when I got to the school, everyone was playing together and taking turns at the mic and the instruments. You could hear it from outside, and it already rocked.

Best photo-op: announcing the results of the pop/rock quiz (One came in first, hence the band name)

Best moment: the way the bands were working together, deciding on their repertoire and downloading lyrics and MP3s all night.

29 August 2008

Arrival, Sunday August 17

Most memorable: miniature (though not very) Statue of Liberty on top of the hotel. Regrettably, no picture…

Most interesting and most stressful: round of introductions. A little stiff at first, made more so because everything had to be translated into two languages. Livened up by round of questions by Gerdien and badly needed jokes from Milos and Dulan.

Most uneventful: walk through Skopje with the whole Summer School group.

Looking back at the Summer School

Because I didn’t getting around to posting all the blog entries I would have liked to during the Summer School, I had first planned to do a day-by-day report of the Summer School in retrospect. Once I started writing though, I realized that it was coming out very stylized and artificial. So instead, I’ve decided to write about the best, most interesting, most memorable, most stressful, best photo-op, etc. moments of the week.

23 August 2008

Five Days rocks!

- HI everyone our band name is " 5 days ".
Why we put this name is 'cause in this training ( summer school ) we worked 5 days and in our band we are 5 members (ore 5 stars)

- The best moment in our band was when we played together the song "HEY HO LET'S GO" we all were just dancing and singing TOGETHER, this song made as together.

- Hmmmm ........., the image of our band is to work always together and to open a school of pop-rock mucis in MITROVICA.

- And for the end it was VERY fun and we learned much to play together in one band.

WITH LOVE: 5 DAYS [Elbenita , Rrita ,Vania , Milane , Vjosa]


(We asked the Summer School bands to explain their name and describe their best moment and their image.)

Participants introduce themselves: meet Milica V.

I am Milica Vicentijevic. My birthday is 18 April 1996. I am in 7th grade at primary school "Vuk Karadzic" in Zvecana. I am in my fourth year at Primary Music School "Miodrg Vasiljevic" in Mitrovica. The instrument I play is the piano. I have participated in many festivals and other musical events, and have also won prizes. I am a member of the Music School Choir and have had solo parts as a vocal performer.

Participants introduce themselves: meet Milan

I am Milan Vincentijevic. My birthday is 18 April 1996. I am in 7th grade at primary school "Vuk Karadzic" in Zvecana. I am in my fourth year at Primary Music School "Miodrag Vasiljevic" in Mitrovica. The instrument I play is the accordion. I have participated in many festivals and other musical events, and have also won prizes. I am a member of the Music School Choir, and have had solo parts as a vocal performer.

Participants introduce themselves: meet Milica K.

My name is Milica Kalicanin. I have completed studies at Secondary Music School and I play the piano. As far as music goes, I love classical, jazz, and rock.

Participants introduce themselves: meet Bojan

I am Bojan Gvozdic. I live in Zvecan, I have completed Secondary Technical School in Mitrovica. I play the bass guitar in a punk/rock band.

Participants introduce themselves: meet Tijana

I am Tijana Garic, I go to the Gymnasium and am in my fourth year. I have completed a series of Music School courses and currently I sing in a Church choir. Music is my hobby and I love to sing pop and rock.

Participants introduce themselves: meet Ana

I am Ana Garic, I live in Mitrovica where I have completed Gymnasium and Secondary Music School. I play guitar and have had a “hard & heavy” band for some years already. I mostly listen to rock&roll, metal, hard rock, and to the guitarists I like most: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, and John Petrucci.

Participants introduce themselves: meet Vanja

I am Vanja Kostic. I live in Mitrovica, and I have completed Secondary Medical School.

I listen to heavy metal and punk music and have a band in which I play bass guitar. I have played the bass guitar for almost five years

20 August 2008

Participants introduce themselves: meet Festim

I am Festim Haxhikadriu, I am 15 years old and in this year I study violin in 1st year of "Tefta Tashko" music school in Mitrovica. Last year in May 2007 I was rewarded as the best instrumental player in Kosovo and In May of this year I won the 1st place of international competition in Prishtina. So in the future I want to be a professional violinist and have personal concertos all over the world.

About this pop rock school I think that is a good way to learn more about the music and personally I hope that we will enjoy the practices that we will do with the profesors .

Wednesday: rehearsals, excursion & concert stage

This morning started with something of a surprise: the school where we have our rehearsal rooms turned out to have a graduation ceremony -- in the central hall where we have one of our rehearsal rooms. We have become expert improvisors by now, so changing the schedule around (at least twice) was no problem at all. :) The students were extremely gracious and waited around patiently. All four bands eventually had their turn to rehearse and they're starting to sound good! They all have at least two songs down already, one has as many as four. We're quite confident they'll be ready to put on a good performance by Friday.

After rehearsals we walked to a lake in the park where the concert will be. The hotel had made us a picnic, and Xhabir, Pieter and Ruud came by car to bring us food and drinks. We hadn't thought to bring bathing suits, but as we said, we're expert improvisers.

After the swim, we walked the group past the open-air podium where they'll be performing on Friday. The kids got on the stage for a group picture. The stage is in the middel of a big park which gets quite busy, especially at night.

Tonight we gave the kids a night off, since everyone has been working so hard all week. That doesn't mean, though, that they're not working. The hotel is humming with kids printing lyrics, thinking up band names, singing harmonies and playing the accoustic guitar. The atmosphere is relaxed and harmonious, and we both feel very proud of what everyone has achieved so far.

Pieter & Wendy

19 August 2008

Day 1 -- band formation & pop/rock quiz

Band formation

Pop/rock quiz

The pop/rock quiz champions, One

The T-shirt was a pop/rock quiz prize

We proudly present: Five Days!

We proudly present: Sauvignon!

We proudly present: Passing Card!

We proudly present: One!

Coaches & Rock Academy meeting

Rock Academy teachers create the schedule

Day 1 -- Group jam session

18 August 2008

Getting ready for the first day of the Summer School

Despite a few pairs of tiny eyes at breakfast, everyone seems ready to get started on the first day.

Our first mission: move a truck load of instruments from the hotel basement to the high school about four blocks away where the lessons and rehearsals will be – with a single jeep. The plan: have everyone carry any instrument they can pick up and parade down the street to the school, while the jeep drives back and forth with keyboards, drum sets and anything else nobody feels up to carrying.

Once the instruments are in the school, the coaches will set up two backlines. Hopefully lessons and band formation can begin after lunch.

The kids are a mixed group, ranging from punk rockers to aspiring opera singers. We expect the combination will produce some interesting musical results. Milos (CBM) even suggested we’d have to create a new music genre for our concert on Friday!

That’s all for now, we have some instrument schlepping to do.

Summer School Kick-Off

We've had the kick-off! A few pictures of the first day.

Students check out instruments after a round of introductions.

Students, coaches and Rock Academy get together after introductions.

17 August 2008

Participants introduce themselves: meet Dren


I'm Dren Nishliu from Mitrovica, i'm 13 years old. I finished sixth grad in musical school "Tefta Tashko" in guitar. I like so mach to play guitar esspecially Rock, and my fovorite band is Metallica and Three doors down .

I like sport too. My favorite sports are football and basketball.

see youu on skopje.....

15 August 2008

Participants introduce themselves: meet Rrita

My name is Rrita, I was born in Mitrovica in 1994.
Student of Musical School “TEFTA TASHKO” in Mitrovica grade 6th. In 2004, I have followed the Jazz at the piano workshop with teacher from Germany Antonella di Giulio – Bekteshi, while in 2006 I have participated as active participant in piano workshop organized by professor Florita Raifi/ MS “Tefta Tashko” in Mitrovica. In June 2008, I have participated in Piano Talents meeting organized by Kosova Pianist Association “Bell ‘Arte”.
Best regards, with hope to meet you there,