23 August 2008

Five Days rocks!

- HI everyone our band name is " 5 days ".
Why we put this name is 'cause in this training ( summer school ) we worked 5 days and in our band we are 5 members (ore 5 stars)

- The best moment in our band was when we played together the song "HEY HO LET'S GO" we all were just dancing and singing TOGETHER, this song made as together.

- Hmmmm ........., the image of our band is to work always together and to open a school of pop-rock mucis in MITROVICA.

- And for the end it was VERY fun and we learned much to play together in one band.

WITH LOVE: 5 DAYS [Elbenita , Rrita ,Vania , Milane , Vjosa]


(We asked the Summer School bands to explain their name and describe their best moment and their image.)

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Carolien said...

I just took a brief look at the weblog. I like the idea. I like the idea of people from different ethnicities coming together to do something basic such as making music. Something everyone enjoys despite our differences. I know the feeling, I know the impact it can have and I am aware of the difficulties you have to face. And I was pleasently suprised about your age: as a teenager it in itself is difficult to open up to other people. And the fact that you, living in Kosovo are able to do so, despite what you've gone through, personally makes me emotional, it gives me hope.