18 August 2008

Getting ready for the first day of the Summer School

Despite a few pairs of tiny eyes at breakfast, everyone seems ready to get started on the first day.

Our first mission: move a truck load of instruments from the hotel basement to the high school about four blocks away where the lessons and rehearsals will be – with a single jeep. The plan: have everyone carry any instrument they can pick up and parade down the street to the school, while the jeep drives back and forth with keyboards, drum sets and anything else nobody feels up to carrying.

Once the instruments are in the school, the coaches will set up two backlines. Hopefully lessons and band formation can begin after lunch.

The kids are a mixed group, ranging from punk rockers to aspiring opera singers. We expect the combination will produce some interesting musical results. Milos (CBM) even suggested we’d have to create a new music genre for our concert on Friday!

That’s all for now, we have some instrument schlepping to do.

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