20 August 2008

Wednesday: rehearsals, excursion & concert stage

This morning started with something of a surprise: the school where we have our rehearsal rooms turned out to have a graduation ceremony -- in the central hall where we have one of our rehearsal rooms. We have become expert improvisors by now, so changing the schedule around (at least twice) was no problem at all. :) The students were extremely gracious and waited around patiently. All four bands eventually had their turn to rehearse and they're starting to sound good! They all have at least two songs down already, one has as many as four. We're quite confident they'll be ready to put on a good performance by Friday.

After rehearsals we walked to a lake in the park where the concert will be. The hotel had made us a picnic, and Xhabir, Pieter and Ruud came by car to bring us food and drinks. We hadn't thought to bring bathing suits, but as we said, we're expert improvisers.

After the swim, we walked the group past the open-air podium where they'll be performing on Friday. The kids got on the stage for a group picture. The stage is in the middel of a big park which gets quite busy, especially at night.

Tonight we gave the kids a night off, since everyone has been working so hard all week. That doesn't mean, though, that they're not working. The hotel is humming with kids printing lyrics, thinking up band names, singing harmonies and playing the accoustic guitar. The atmosphere is relaxed and harmonious, and we both feel very proud of what everyone has achieved so far.

Pieter & Wendy

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