12 September 2008

Milos on the future of the Mitrovica Rock School

Milos was the drummer in the band One. I asked him a couple of questions about the Rock School. Here are his answers.

What did you think of the Summer School?
Summer School is a very good and interesting project, project helped me a lot. 'Cause I learned more things about drums. It was very funny. I play now with more dynamics

When we open the Rock School in Mitrovica, will you come?
Yea, of course.

What would you like to learn?
Drums Again.

What music would you like to play?
Hard Rock and Rock 'n' Roll.

Are there a lot of young rock musicians in Mitrovica who would like to come to the Rock School?
Yes there are so many musicians but they don't have rooms for practice and that is big handicap for music in Mitrovica.

Do you think the Rock School can help make Mitrovica an important city for rock music again?
I hope so!


The drummers: Roland (Rock Academy) & Milos

11 September 2008

Blerta on the future of the Mitrovica Rock School

I think this is truly all I can say about it!!

- You know.. the opening of a ROCK school here in Mitrovica, was just a beautiful dream once.. (at least for me). But now seeing this dream come true, I'm just like... wow.. SPEECHLESS if I can say so. I'm just waiting everyday to hear something new about it.

If this is ever going to happen, then I'm so sure that we'll all have an unforgettable time together (as we did in Skopje). And I'm pretty sure that here in Mitrovica, we have a lot of talented musicians that are just waiting for a chance to take.

If you ask me how I see the future of my city with the Rock school then it's like this:
| MITROVICA – The city of Rock*Stars | or something like that:P

I just want to say that I’m so optimistic that something Magical will come out of this!

I miss you, and I just can’t wait till the next meeting of us all!


BLERTA [Passing Card]

10 September 2008

Milica on the future of the Mitrovica Rock School

I would be very happy, if Mitrovica, in the future, have a school of that kind of music. We alredy have a Classical Music School and Academy. But we also have
many people who love rock music, and play rock, and they wont to be better and more professional in that. And because of that i think that opening Pop-Rock Music School in Mitrovica will be the right things for everybody. And with your's help, I hope we'll make it good. That will be like time in Skopje-funny, and very instructive.

(Milica was a member of Passing Card during the Summer School. She plays keyboards.)

5 September 2008

Last day, Friday August 22

Most nervous (but dressed to impress):

Most ceremonious: Directors present participants with Summer School diplomas


Passing Card:

One, supported by Five Days members:

Sauvignon (Rehab intro):

Mladen, Milos & Vanja rock!

2 September 2008

Fourth day, Thursday August 21

Best photo-op (though not the best photos): press conference at the Multimedia Center. Left to right: Xhabir, Edon, Wendy, Pieter, Suzanne & Milos
Least ceremonious: the Directors arrive (Bertus from the Rock Academy and Laura from MwB) and take a sneak peak at rehearsals

Most exciting: the dress-rehearsal! (Five Days performing)

Third day, Wednesday August 20

Most flexible: bands wait to take turns rehearsing, and cheer each other on after sessions have to be shortened due to graduation ceremony in the central hall of the highschool.

Best girl scout: Sophie, for finding the lake in the park where we had our picnic ;)

Best photo-op: post-picnic group pose on the stage we had just booked for our concert

Best spontaneous party: Wednesday night at the hotel, with Ana on the accoustic guitar and Vjosa playing the drum (featuring interesting vocal performances by Xhabir and Ruud).

Second day, Tuesday August 19

Most optimistic: thinking that we'd be able to stick to this schedule.

Biggest "challenge": notice announcing more exams at the school where we were rehearsing during the Summer School week...

Most incredible: the way Xhabir was able to arrange the concert stage Pieter and Gerdien had spotted the night before, after we discovered the stage we had previously booked would be too small.

Most impressive display of work ethos (if we do say so ourselves): the art of late-night schedule creation.