11 September 2008

Blerta on the future of the Mitrovica Rock School

I think this is truly all I can say about it!!

- You know.. the opening of a ROCK school here in Mitrovica, was just a beautiful dream once.. (at least for me). But now seeing this dream come true, I'm just like... wow.. SPEECHLESS if I can say so. I'm just waiting everyday to hear something new about it.

If this is ever going to happen, then I'm so sure that we'll all have an unforgettable time together (as we did in Skopje). And I'm pretty sure that here in Mitrovica, we have a lot of talented musicians that are just waiting for a chance to take.

If you ask me how I see the future of my city with the Rock school then it's like this:
| MITROVICA – The city of Rock*Stars | or something like that:P

I just want to say that I’m so optimistic that something Magical will come out of this!

I miss you, and I just can’t wait till the next meeting of us all!


BLERTA [Passing Card]

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