12 September 2008

Milos on the future of the Mitrovica Rock School

Milos was the drummer in the band One. I asked him a couple of questions about the Rock School. Here are his answers.

What did you think of the Summer School?
Summer School is a very good and interesting project, project helped me a lot. 'Cause I learned more things about drums. It was very funny. I play now with more dynamics

When we open the Rock School in Mitrovica, will you come?
Yea, of course.

What would you like to learn?
Drums Again.

What music would you like to play?
Hard Rock and Rock 'n' Roll.

Are there a lot of young rock musicians in Mitrovica who would like to come to the Rock School?
Yes there are so many musicians but they don't have rooms for practice and that is big handicap for music in Mitrovica.

Do you think the Rock School can help make Mitrovica an important city for rock music again?
I hope so!


The drummers: Roland (Rock Academy) & Milos

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