27 November 2008

Panel discussion "From Guns To Guitars"

On Tuesday evening, December 2, the Rock Academy will be hosting a panel discussion on rock music as a means on reconciliation, called "From Guns To Guitars."

The panel members are:
Laura Hassler (Director of MwB International)
Baya Corlija (Director of MwB Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Milos Drazevic (Project Coordinator, Community Building Mitrovica)
Daria Nashat (Senior Program Officer Southeast Europe, IKV Pax Christi)
Caecilia van Peski (International Manager Educational Projects, Fontys University)
Bertus Borgers (musician and Board Member of Fontys Rock Academy).

For more information (in Dutch), please visit the Rock Academy's website, or (in English) click on the press release below.

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