22 January 2009

Vesa, the Rock School's new drummer


In life everybody needs to express their feelings somewhere or to someone. There are some people that want to express their feelings by doing something…and I think that I am one of them.

A few years ago I used to play violin, but not for so long, cause I understood that it wasn't made for me, and I couldn’t play it by my heart... As smart people say: "When you love something let it go, if it comes back it's yours, if it doesn’t it never was..." and in this case if I wanted to have success by playing violin I had to play it by my heart…because in everything no matter what it is even in a usual game always there's "a thing" that makes them different to you…but to violin I couldn't feel it…so I better stopped doing that.

As we know, violin is The Queen of the Instruments, but not for me, because as I know my self and as the others say I'm a kind of person that is strong on achieving my intentions…so violin was too soft for me.

For such a long time I really wanted to express my feelings somewhere, and I tried to find any activity, not only to learn something but to have fun too…and yes, I finally found it... "PLAYING DRUMS."

When I play drums is like I'm flying and like all the world is mine... I don't care for anything or anyone…even that it is just the beginning and I'm not very good on them, I think that I'll go on good, but only if I try and don't give up.

Sometimes I don't feel very good, I feel like everyone around me is my enemy. But only listening to music and coming to Rock School makes me feel better and in a way "Fills Me With Life"... Even there are some moments when I feel very disappointed on playing drums, and I say to my self "No, now I’m going to give up," but nope I fight with my mind and I give myself courage and try to work harder…but It’s not only me and myself that helps me…there are some people who really have affect on me…of course the teachers who except their seriousness in work and their talent for music, they are very friendly. And being friendly as well is a big point to accomplish success. Every time I go to Rock School I learn something new, and every moment being there is golden for me.

So, I say to everybody: "Don’t waste your time doing such as bad things, because now days more than everyday in the past we have chance to show our talent and our feelings whenever we want."