17 March 2009

Miloš to do a Rock School internship

Next April, Miloš Kabašić (16) will start a 4-month internship at the Rock School. Miloš applied for the internship under the SKYL (Support Kosovo's Young Leaders) program. Part of the 2008 Summer School group, Miloš is already one of the school's most active students, playing in three bands (The Cold Shots, DODz and Guz Brothers) and practising at the Rock School five days a week.

SKYL targets youth from 16 to 26. The program delivers a series of trainings in modern life skills (Negotiation, Communication and Leadership), job skills and civic engagements. The trainings are followed by the 2-month and 4-month internships and apprenticeships in private, public and business sectors. In addition, SKYL supports young people in designing and implementing up to 7 small projects per year.

Miloš will be working as the school reporter, taking pictures and writing reports for the blog. He will also be updating the Rock School's MySpace page and other websites, and will help the staff of the North Mitrovica Rock School branch maintain the school and the instruments.

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