20 May 2009

Mitrovica Rock School in concert!

On Sunday, May 24 next, the Rock School's North branch will be organizing a concert at Club Viva, North Mitrovica, at 9 p.m. Hope to see you there!

And on Monday the 25th, the Rock School's South branch will perform at "Why Not" in Pristina, at 10 p.m. Looking forward to it!

18 May 2009

Coming to Mitrovica soon: Tycho!

Hello everybody,

My name is Tycho and I am a student at the Rockacademy in the Netherlands. I play piano and other key instruments, and next to that I am studying to become an audio engineer, which means that I do a lot of things in the technical aspect of music like live mixing, recording, editing and lots more. I'm really looking forward to meet you all in Mitrovica, as well in Skopje this summer. I'm excited to hear you play and hope I may be able to make some nice recordings of you!

See you soon,


Coming to Mitrovica soon: Roland!

Hi Mitro-rockers,

My name is Roland and I'm a drummer, drumteacher and bandcoach. I play in a poprock band called Plenty Panther and a rock band called Chapter7. Besides these two bands I sometimes fill in for other drummers or do some other projects. I am still a student at the Rockacademy in Tilburg.

I already met the most of you in Skopje, but I'm looking forward to meet all the other students in Mitrovica and see the school rock & rolling! And of course I'm also looking forward to see all the familiar faces again and see how you're all doing!

See you very soon!


Coming to Mitrovica soon: Joerie!


My name is Joerie and I’m 21 years old. I play guitar in several bands. I play different music styles but Alternative Rock and Blues in particular. At the moment I study guitar and band coaching at the Rockacademy. Furthermore I give guitar lessons and I know a lot about guitar equipment.
Some bands I play in are Melilotus, Sofia Nero, Mindpark and Loone.
I’m really looking forward to come to Kosovo and Skopje to make music together!

17 May 2009

Coming to Mitrovica soon: Suzanne!

Hi there dear friends in Mitrovica,

I'm Suzanne and last summer I graduated at the Rockacademy for vocals and management. I'm a singer in all kinds of projects (particularly rock music), mostly I work with my own band called Hot Sushi. Next to singing and teaching I do promotion and production for various musical projects.

I got to know some of you at the summerschoolweek at Skopje last year. I had an unforgettable time and I'm very grateful for having a share in contributing to the Mitrovica Rockschool. I'm very much looking forward to our visit at Mitrovica, so we can finally meet you all at your school!

We're gonna do some great work together and I'm sure we're all gonna make it another unforgettable week!

See you all in Mitrovica,


Coming to Mitrovica soon: Joey!

Hi everyone,

Within a few days we'll finally pay a visit to Mitrovica. Since the
fantastic week at Skopje, but also the very interesting training days over
here at the RockAcademy, I'm very very curious about the Mitrovica Rock
School and how everybody is doing over there. I hope to see many familiar,
but also new people, acting, rehearsing and even performing like real
musicians!! Again, let's make it a week to never forget!!

See you very soon


Coming to Mitrovica soon: Ruud!


I play guitar and I sing. I played in a lot of bands over the years and worked in studio's as a producer and musician. Since 1993 I work as a bandcoach and that's why I was involved in the project, the Rockacademy wanted someone with a bit more experience to come along to Macedonia.

Skopje was really a great experience and I was so glad I could come to visit Mitrovica last October .

Hope to see you all when we visit the school so I can hear you play.


15 May 2009

New videos on YouTube channel

Dear all,

Just a note to let you know I've posted some new videos on the Rock School's YouTube channel. There are two sets of videos shot of band practice in the Rock School's North and South branches during my last visit, and one set of the concert the South branch organized on April 30 (incidentally also Queen's Day in the Netherlands).

The concert was a big success, with an audience of about 300! Blerta and Elbenita closed the concert by bringing the house down to a rocking rendition of Madcon's Beggin.