18 June 2009

Dutch singer/songwriter donates Dobro to the Rock School

Dutch singer/songwriter Stef Bos recently became a friend of the Mitrovica Rock School. He liked the project so much that he donated his Dobro guitar and some recording equipment to the Rock School. Here's a video of guitar teacher Goran Vucetic giving the guitar a first Mitrovica welcome.

And here are two pics of Cold Shots singer Mila and Dutch guitar player and singer Ruud trying it out together.

9 June 2009

New on board at MwB!

Hi there!

I'm happy to let you know that I will be volunteering at Musicians Without Borders for the Mitrovica Rockschool, starting today!

As a student from the Fontys Rockacademy I got involved in the project during the summerschool-week in Skopje as a PR-assistant and vocal coach.

Ever since that amazing week in Skopje I was sure to stay involved for a longer time! With the Rockacademy team I went to visit the Mitrovica Rockschool in may. It was a great experience to see everyone again, to meet new great musicians there, to see everyone work....it was a real inspiration!

And so it goes without saying that I wanted to enlarge my involvement in this project and that I am now working at the MwB-office for 1 day a week :)

So we will absolutely stay in touch!

Rock 'n Roll!


Letter from Rock School singer Albana

2 June 2009

Tony Barilla to teach at the Rock School

Since last week, the Mitrovica Rock School has a new volunteer teacher on board! Mitrovica resident and musician Tony Barilla has closely followed the development of the Rock School since the partner organizations first came up with the idea years ago. Having heard that we were up and running in October last year, he got in touch and wrote this great article on the Rock School. During the Rock Academy training in Mitrovica from May 21 to 26, we were finally able to get everyone together and make a plan. Tony will helping out the Rock School's teachers with keyboard and bass instruction.

My name is Tony and I'm a musician and composer from Texas. I've lived in Mitrovica for a couple of years now, and I'm very happy to be helping out at the Rock School. Currently I spend most of my time writing music and songs for theater projects in the U.S., but I have played in bands for about 20 years. (You can read about the work I've done and download my music for free at this website.) I will be giving some instruction on bass and keyboards for any students that want it.