25 August 2009

August 24 - Hitting the Ground Running

Rock School Enthusiasts,

Monday was the first full day of the Summer School and things have gotten off to a great start. In comparison to last year, so much has already been accomplished. The bands have started working together, opening up all kinds of possibilities for the week.

The morning began bright and early with everyone headed to University of Audiovisual Arts ESRA where rehearsals and workshops will be taking place all week. First on the agenda was setting up equipment and giving the bands time to decide which songs they will perform. Each band will play about 4 songs which they worked together to choose. They tried to find pieces they all agreed on and would satisfy the diverse tastes and talents of all the band members. This is not always such an easy thing to do! Groups were also starting to think about their names but for now none have made a final decision.

After a break at the hotel for lunch it was right back to work. The bands took turns practicing their songs and being coached by instructors from Mitrovica and students from the Rock Academy. A lot of good work was done in this period - everyone is giving their best effort towards creating an unforgettable concert at the end of the week.

The afternoon ended with a jam session to give everyone a chance to cut loose and enjoy the all the talent the group has to offer. Some were hesitant to jump in but everyone who did gave great performances. We were having so much fun that we were late to get on the bus back to the hotel!

Everyone had the evening to relax - except for our dedicated trainers and coaches who kept making decisions about how to make the most of the rest of the week. Thus far their planning has paid off and we're excited to see where they take us next.

Keep checking in to find out!

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hot SuShi said...

Hi there!

Thanks Tory, it's so good to stay tuned on what's going on there! Love to read the stories... My mind is with you all the way from Holland! :)

xx Suus.