26 August 2009

August 25 - Still Going Strong

Rock School Enthusiasts,

Tuesday was another great day at the Skopje Summer School. There's still a lot to accomplish in the week, but a lot of good work was done yesterday.

The morning and afternoon sessions were solid blocks of time for all the bands to work on their songs. With the help of the Mitrovica instructors and the Tilburg students coaching, everyone made a lot of progress!

During their time "off" the groups started to work on an assignment they have received. Each band much create a mySpace page with information about their members, the band name, at least one photo, and their Friday night song line-up. Their pages should be up by tonight (Wednesday) and we'll have the links posted here on the blog as soon as they are available. In the meantime, here is a little preview of the bands:

The band "Ambassador" includes Gjylisha, Vedat, Nemanja, Vanja, Luka and Gagi. "Empty Staff" is Albana, Irfan, Vesa, Dado, Filip S., and Saranda. "Le Blanc de Blancs" is members Shaban, Minja, Milos, Krenar, Kreshnik, and Engjell. And the final band is the "Anchors" with members Milan, Filip M., Enver, Arber, and Djordje.
Everyone kept working hard even after dinner. Some headed back to ESRA for workshops and others worked together in their rooms at the hotel to practice what they had learned during the day. All the participants are extremely dedicated to putting on a great show at the end of the week. Of course we've been having a lot of fun at the same time, which isn't too hard considering all the great people we have together here in Skopje.

Hope to see you here at the concert on Friday!

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