27 August 2009

August 26 - A Day for Some Fun

Thanks for checking in!

Yesterday, Wednesday marked the middle of the week. The final concert is now in sight - it's approaching quickly and the bands' performances are coming together well. The morning was spent rehearsing songs again, but the afternoon held other plans.

The group traveled to the nearby Lake Matka and River Treska. We walked awhile to a open area on the river where the group could spread out, relax, have a picnic and play music and games. Having a chance to get out of Skopje and get a change of scenery in the middle of the week was an important thing for everyone. Time outside in fresh air and sunshine was a great way to spend the day and unwind.

After enjoying ourselves for a bit the whole group took a trip on the Lake in little boats which were very stable (or maybe not).

We got to explore a little cave from there which was home to a lot of bats and some very cool stalactites and stalagmites. After the boat ride back we headed down to a spot on the river where those who wanted to could swim. The smart ones of course opted not to... seeing as the water was very very cold (one estimate was 3 degrees, although we have no way to confirm this report). On the river bank a vicious waterbattle took place for those who had energy but weren't quite up to braving the water. Allegedly Xhemil started it all, but again, nothing can be confirmed. By the time we all got back on the bus everyone was exhausted but definitely from a day well spent.

And on Thursday it's right back to rehearsing (but perhaps with local radio and television performances thrown in as well... you'll have to check in again with us to find out!).

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