28 August 2009

August 27 - Almost There

Hey all,

Thursday came and went very quickly - and while everyone was tired, they're maintaining their energy to successfully complete the week. The morning held different workshops and coaching sessions both for bands and for instruments. Some of the trainers from Mitrovica along with Wendy made an appearance on a local radio station here in Skopje in the morning. It was a great chance to keep getting the word out for Friday's concert and to talk about the Mitrovica Rock School and the ideas behind it.

The afternoon was left for more coaching and some final brushing up for the evening's dress rehearsal. Several members of the group also got a chance to make an appearance on a local television station, talking about the concerts and the school. Translation confusion took place once or twice during the interview section ("We have 23 participants." "There are 23 bands?" "No, no, no..."), but 3 Summer School participants - Minja Velimirovic (vocal), Vesa Nishliu (drums), and Arbër Buçinca (guitar) - had the opportunity to give a short performance.

The real excitment of the day came though after dinner with a dress rehearsal for the concert. We all returned to ESRA and squeezed into one practice room to hear the results of what everyone has been working on throughout the week. With only a few minor hiccups, everything went extremely well. The energy level in the room was amazing - whether a band was playing an upbeat song or one which was slow and intense.

Lots of dancing, clapping and cheering took place. Afterwards, one participant said, "Well, I've been tired all day - but now I have so much energy I don't want to go to sleep tonight!"

The concert Friday evening is gonna be rockin' - can we expect to see you there?

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