9 August 2009

Filmmakers to visit the Skopje Summer School

Dear Summer School rockers,

Just to give you a heads-up: this Summer School, we'll have the pleasure of working with not one but two great documentary makers. Tami Ravid from Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Florian Schairer from Munich (Germany) will be joining us in Mitrovica and Skopje to do research for their documentaries. Just as we were joined by Dutch radio reporter Egbert Hermsen last year, Tami and Florian will travel along and may want to record the highlights.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Milos, Edon or me. Of course, you can also ask Tami and Florian directly!

Of course we're very excited that we'll have these great filmmakers to record the closing concert on August 28!

See you soon,


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Pilland said...

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Best wishes from Italy!