24 August 2009

Reporting Live from Summer School '09

Hey Rockers and all our Rock School groupies out there...

Hello and thanks for checking in with us! My name is Tory and I'll be posting reports throughout the week about what our musicians are up to here in Skopje.

I am a volunteer for Musicians without Borders Bosnia-Herzegovina in Sarajevo. I've been working in Bosnia-Herzegovina since 2007, but this is the first time I have had the opportunity to come to Macedonia and I'm pretty excited about it. Especially to be here with such an amazing group as the students and teachers from the Mitrovica Rock School.

Enjoy the reports and photos from this week, we may also post some videos on youTube of the bands rehearsals and jam sessions - stay tuned to find out. And feel free to comment and ask questions if there's anything you'd like me to answer for you throughout the week!

xx T

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