24 August 2009

Summer School '09 is Rockin'

Hey to all you Rock School fans out there,

Yesterday, August 23rd the Skopje Summer School of the Mitrovica Rock School kicked off with lots of energy and enthusiasm. 22 students and 7 trainers from Mitrovica and students and teachers from the Rock Academy in Tilburg (as well as a few others of us) gathered all together here in Macedonia to start off a week of learning, good times and most importantly Rock Music.

Those of us coming from Mitrovica left bright and early on Sunday morning. First, the bus picked up participants from the North and everyone pitched in to help load up all the instruments, equipment and luggage.

Then it was time to go pick up everyone in the South so the group would be complete and we could all head on our way. It was clear how excited everyone was to be headed off on the adventure to Skopje - on the bus ride the students and coaches talked, laughed, sang and of course did some impromptu guitar playing and drumming (with whatever was available) to set the tone of constant music-making for the week.

Upon arrival in Skopje, the group received a warm welcome from the students and teachers coming from Tilburg who had flown in the day before. They helped with unloading everything from the bus and getting the whole group from Mitrovica settled into the hotel where we'll all be staying together for the week.

After some lunch, the first activity of the week was a quick get-to-know you game where each Mitrovica Rock School student was paired up with another student who they didn't know yet. After having some time to talk they then took turns introducing one another to the rest of the group. This was an excellent activity for meeting new people and starting to break the ice.

The big activity for the rest of the day was forming the bands for the week! The bands were decided by the trainers and teachers and then unveiled. Everyone got together with their new band-mates for the week to take part in a "Pop Quiz" created by the Tilburg Rock Academy Students. Lots of the questions were very tricky, but the Mitrovica Rock School students proved they know their stuff! Everyone did a great job, and the winning band was awarded the opportunity to choose when they want to play in the Closing Concert on Friday night.

For the evening, the group got together for a tour around Skopje. Some people have been here before, but for others it was brand new and pretty exciting. We walked to the Center of town, walked along the river, through the Old Town, and finally ended in "Shkolka" City Park where the Closing Concert will be. Seeing the place where the performance will take place was exciting for everyone and reminded everyone about the goal for the end of the week - to work hard with their new bands to create some excellent music for an awesome Rock Concert!

Stay tuned...

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