1 September 2009

August 29 : Summer School Comes to a Close

Hey to all you Summer School Participants, Mitrovica Rock School Students, and fellow Rock Music Lovers;

Thanks for sticking with us all last week and continuing to check in as we've wrapped up our time in Skopje. Friday night held an amazing concert, which we'll be reporting on in detail - as soon as everyone has had a chance to recover a bit.

The Summer School Participants left Skopje to drive back to Mitrovica on Saturday at noon. We hear they had a safe and pleasant trip back, despite wishing they were still in Skopje. They got home just in time to start the school year today, the 1st of September (and we know how much they were looking forward to that).

The Dutch Music Team from Tilburg headed out shortly afterward on a flight back to Amsterdam, and others dispersed as well. As far as we know everyone has made it home - except of course for Tami who is still hanging out in Mitrovica and working on her documentary.

The success of Summer School 2009 has added so much to the momentum of the Mitrovica Rock School. All the potential which has been building over the last year is really starting to manifest itself in amazing events and plans which are taking place right now and will continue to grow in the future.

We hope you'll keep checking in, both to hear the report on the final concert and to see where the coming year takes the Mitrovica Rock School and its many talented students.

Keep Rockin'...

photograhpy courtesy of Peder Wiegner

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