1 September 2009

A bit about ESRA, the university that hosted the Summer School classes

This year, the Summer School classes and workshops were held at the excellent facilities of ESRA University. Below, you'll find a short introduction to ESRA and its activities.

On behalf of the whole Summer School group, I'd like to thank everyone at ESRA for being such gracious and welcoming hosts. We know we're quite a noisy bunch, yet you made us all feel very much at home in your beautiful building. Many thanks, we look forward to continuing this great relationship in future years!

The University of Audiovisual Arts, ESRA Paris-Skopje-New York, started to work one year ago as a first private University in the field of audiovisual arts in Macedonia. The educational programs are implemented by the most quality professors from Macedonia, but also in the education program their parts took visiting professors and professionals from abroad. The University offers to the students modern technology necessary for quality attending of educational process. But one thing that makes this University different from others is the fact that this University is in very close collaboration with ESRA Group which exists 35 years. This means that our students have a chance to study final third year of the studies in France or to finish with the specialization program in New York.

As a part of the University there are five faculties:
- Faculty for theatre arts
- Faculty for film arts
- Faculty for scene design
- Faculty for applied music and
- Faculty for sound production.

Besides educational programs and activities the intention of this University is to organize workshops, festivals, film revues, theatre plays, visits of the biggest name in the world of film and theatre etc.

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