7 September 2009

The Rock School celebrates its official opening!

After 1 year of successful rocking at the Mitrovica Rock School, it's now time for an official opening!
Originally scheduled for February, the partners postponed the official opening of the Mitrovica Rock School until September 27, 2009, to coincide with the start of the new school year. The Rock School's staff will work closely with the Fontys Rock Academy, CBM and MwB to organize events on both sides of the city.

Rock School students and staff will perform together with the Rock Academy musicians, and guests will be invited to attend concerts and receptions hosted by the Rock School branches in North and South Mitrovica.

And of course we will visit the Rock School with a bunch of people from Holland! The Directors of the Rock Academy, Bertus Borgers and Gerard Boontjes, will be present, as will Gerdien Visser and Ruud Borgers. MwB will be represented by Director Laura Hassler and Project Manager Wendy Hassler-Forest. Tami Ravid will attend the opening to make sure all will be documented and Joosje Jochems and Suzanne van Amelsvoort will be there to give vocal and performance workshops as well!

The locations for the opening will be determined later, so stay tuned...

See you all there in 2.5 weeks!

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