4 October 2009

Official Opening huge success -- Rock School students rock Mitrovica!

Official opening
On Sunday September 27, the Mitrovica Rock School celebrated its Official Opening.

Rocking performances
Rock School students and teachers performed together and with trainers from the Dutch Rock Academy at rocking events on both sides of the city.

Huge crowds
The opening ceremonies were hosted by Rock School students Vesa, Visar, Minja and Milos, who did an excellent job presenting their school to the enormous crowds that had gathered to help
us celebrate. All Rock School bands -- including the new Summer School-inspired band Ambassador -- delivered rocking performances.

Speeches and jamming
The ceremonies included speeches by CBM and MwB Directors Valdete Idrizi and Laura Hassler, the Rock Academy's two Directors Bertus Borgers and Gerard Boontjes, and IKV Pax Christi's Linda Schevers. Quite late into the evening, the opening night was fittingly closed with an awesome jam session starring Rock School teacher Goran Vucetic on guitar and Rock Academy Director Bertus Borgers on the sax.

Opening on TV
For those who weren't able to make it: the ceremony in the South was captured by KTV's Express program (you have to wait for Whitney Houston to finish, but it's worth it). And the ceremony in the North was broadcast by TV Most.


And to all Rock School students and teachers: congratulations on a rocking kick-off!

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