26 November 2010

Guidelines for blog reports by Rock School students

Learn to market your school, your band and your image!
The Mitrovica Rock School is gaining an international reputation. Help make us famous, and promote your own band while you’re at it!

“The Loudest School Ever!”

You think people can’t hear us? Well, you’re wrong. Since we started counting less than a year ago, the Rock School blog has had over 10,000 hits!

The Rock School would like you, our students, to write blog reports on concerts and anything else of interest to the Rock School. If approved, your article will be published on this blog.

Your article:
- Should come with at least one good photo (videos uploaded to YouTube can also be used)
- Should have a title and a topic
- Should promote the Rock School’s activities (in some cases, an article may also be about your own band or your personal music activities, but only when it’s BIG news. In that case, you should link it to the Rock School.)
- Should be in English
- Should be checked for spelling
- Should be submitted to and approved by trainee project manager Nikola at hopsy.org@gmail.com.
Nikola may suggest edits to your blog before approving to for publication.
The best articles will be published on the blog. The Rock School will pay you a small fee for every article that we publish.

Examples of blog reports:
- announcements of concerts (at least two days before the concert)
- reports on concerts (no later than three days after the concert)
- announcements of participation in festivals, big concerts, etc. (and reports)
- students’ participation in TV and other competitions
- the Rock School’s participation in TV-shows
- sponsorships (instruments donated, sponsorships of events)
- reports on Rock Academy training weeks
- reports on Summer Schools
- general reports about the Rock School
- and any other creative ideas you can come up with!

Mitrovica has always been a center for the rock music in the region. We want to make sure the world knows!

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11 November 2010

Meet our new Coordinator: Ajten!

My name is Ajten Sylejmani Sahatciu and I’m very happy to let you know that I will be working at Mitrovica Rock School as a Coordinator for South Branch, starting today!

Having achieved many goals in my career working for different organizations in Mitrovica and PrishtinĂ«/a, I am ready to challenge myself on exploring fresh opportunities and enrich my knowledge about Rock School activities and its development. I’m to committed to see changes in this region therefore I chose to join this project.

As a citizen of Mitrovica and mother of two amazing boys, it is my wish to create places where our new generations can express their talents. I hope that my engagement and involvement at the Mitrovica Rock School will be useful in achieving project goals and fulfill its tasks.

1) Education opens our eye.
2) Education brings freedom to communities.
3) Education helps us understand ourselves.
4) Education librates the soul.

Good luck to Mitrovica Rock School Team. Way to go!

3 November 2010

Slash supports the Mitrovica Rock School!

Famous rock guitarist Slash (ex-Guns N' Roses, Slash's Snakepit, Velvet Revolver) supports the Mitrovica Rock School! As a token of his support, he sent us this autographed Guitar Hero Slash.

The box reads:
For The "Rock School" Kosovo
Rock & Roll Brings People Together
All the best,

Slash's support is also mentioned on his Official Fan Site.

Slash learned about us through Rock School supporter and "rock aficionado" Andrea C., who visited the Rock School last year and met with some of the Rock School's students and teachers.

5 October 2010

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum supports the Mitrovica Rock School!

The renowned Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio (U.S.A.), supports the Mitrovica Rock School and its mission to restore Mitrovica's proud rock and roll tradition.

Since its opening on September 3, 1995, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum has welcomed more than eight million visitors from around the world.

The Museum is home to seven floors of exhibition space spanning 150,000 square feet, offering visitors a five to six hour touring experience of 18 permanent exhibits, six special rotating exhibits, six interactive listening stations and 125 minutes of film in five different theaters.

The Rock Hall has also brought more than 1.5 billion dollars in economic impact to the Northeast Ohio economy in its 15 year history.

The Museum’s award-winning education department reaches more than 50,000 students and educators each year through its education programs on site, like Rock and Roll Night School and Rockin’ the Schools, and at great distances through its distance learning program, On the Road.

More than 100 artists and musicians come to the Hall each year to be part of education panel discussions, perform, meet with fans and show their support. For more information on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, please visit www.rockhall.com.

24 September 2010

These will be auctioned for the Rock School tonight!

Posted using Mobypicture.com

"Knol stars," by musician and performer Tim Knol.

Also: 2 tickets to Moke with the Metrophole Orchestra!
Visit Moke's website for details (in Dutch).

22 September 2010

Rock School part of major new project

The Mitrovica Rock School has joined a coalition of seven of the most effective civil society organizations in Mitrovica. Together, they will open the Center for Resources, Youth and Media (CRYM).

Empowering youth
CRYM aims to empower and activate Mitrovica's largest demographic group: youth and young adults. In addition to the Rock School's North branch, the CRYM Building will house a youth center (the "CRYM Club"), a media center and radio station, offices for all seven organizations, and the "CRYMcubator," where young people can develop their own initiatives.

CRYM Coalition
The CRYM Coalition is formed by: CCSD, Jazas, AFPK, CBM, Contact Plus Radio, M-M@G and the Media Center, and the Mitrovica Rock School.

Bridging the Divide
CRYM is part of Bridging the Divide, a major new project developed by, among others, MwB partner Community Building Mitrovica and supported by SPARK. The project covers an extensive set of infrastructural upgrades on both sides of the city, bi-lingual e-magazine M-M@G, and the CRYM Building and Coalition.

Bridging the Divide is supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

14 September 2010

Job opening: Coordinator of the Mitrovica Rock School’s South Branch

The Mitrovica Rock School is hiring a Coordinator for its branch in South Mitrovica.

The Rock School is a young, urban initiative that encourages the spirit of rock and roll among young people in Mitrovica.

The duties of the South Branch Coordinator will include:
- managing daily personnel matters of the South Branch;
- financial and narrative reporting;
- coordinating and implementing PR activities.

The successful candidate will have the following qualifications:
- Extensive experience in project management;
- Affinity with youth work, popular culture and/or event organization;
- High English-language writing skills (ability to write project proposals, progress reports and website content);
- Fluency in English and Albanian (Serbian is an advantage);
- Willingness to travel;
- A highly neutral, independent political profile, and openness to different cultures and sub-cultures.

We offer:
- a one-year contract subject to a three-month probation period;
- a positive, dynamic working environment;
- the opportunity to travel and participate in ahigh-profile international music project;
- a competitive local salary with fringe benefits according to local standards.

Applications will be accepted until September 30, 2010.
The position will take effect on October 18, 2010.

For more information and to apply, please contact
Milos Drazevic at milos.drazevic@cbmitrovica.org.

For more information on the Mitrovica Rock School, please visit our website.

Jack Daniel's supports the Rock School

Famous Tennessee Whiskey brand Jack Daniel's will celebrate its 160th birthday with an auction in support of the Mitrovica Rock School

On Friday, September 24, Jack Daniel's will celebrate its 160th birthday together with 15-year-old Kink FM and LiveXS. This triple landmark will be celebrated during The Crystal Ball in Melkweg (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

Jack Daniel's will start the night with an auction. The full proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Mitrovica Rock School, to support the training provided by students and teachers of the Fontys Rock Academy. Click here and fill in your own birthday to visit the auction website.

The auctioned items have been donated by famous rock stars, to give young Mitrovica rockers and the Mitrovica Rock School a real rock'n'roll boost.

30 August 2010

Meet the Summer School bands!

Meet the bands of the 2010 Skopje Summer School!

40 Degrees
Minja, Visar, Miki, Baton, Strajo & Rron

The Headache
Jelena, Dren, Rasim, Marko & Festim

The Targets
Edona, Medina, 2 Filips, Lenart & Dado

Albina, Mila, Emir, Miske, Fatjon, Ceni & Behar

And our special guest stars from Struga: Children of the Revolution!
Marija, Arijeta, Jimmy, Gent, Almir & Pleurat

Now that the Summer School has sadly come to an end (heralding the start of massive posting of photos, videos and nostalgic status updates on Facebook), I will be posting day-by-day accounts of the Summer School highlights on the blog. Stay tuned!

Photos by Peder Wiegner.

27 August 2010

Some highlights from the dress rehearsal

Mostura - Bring Me To Life (Evanescence cover)

40 Degrees - One Way Or Another (Blondie cover)

I guess we're ready to rock Skopje, eh?

22 August 2010

Visar's ready for Skopje!

Hi everyone, I'm Visar. I am 16 years old, I sing and I play piano.

I graduated in the primary regular school and the classical music school in classic piano. I like writing songs too.

I was part of the summer school two years ago and it was just a wonderfull week. I'm sure this year will be even better.

Can't wait to meet u all :)

21 August 2010

Albina's ready for Skopje!

Hi everyone, I'm Albina (17), I was born in St. Pölten (Austria).

I finished the elementery school and 5 other years at the privat secondary school of art in Austria, and now I am a student of the music highschool "TEFTA TASHKO" in Mitrovica.

2 years before I went to elementary school, I began to take classic guitar and singing lessons on the music school (Landesmusikschule Wels).

Well,... now I am a singer of the band missed call at the mitrovica rockschool

The music I like most are the 70's (Marvin Gaye, Eric Clapton, The Who, ZZ Top, Deep Purple, Elton John . . . ) Amy Winehouse, Arctic Monkeys, ....

See U soon in Skopje :)

20 August 2010

Lenart's ready for Skopje!

Hello my name is Lenart Gara, I am a Guitar player and live in the south side of Mitrovica.

I'm a member of two bands Sofra (rock school band) & SuS4 (outside the school)...

The reason i play music is becaus makes me feel peaceful and seperates me from ordinary problems...

Fatjon's ready for Skopje!

Hi, im Fatjon Miftaraj, im 17 years old.

I started playing piano when i was 3 years.. and of course i still want study it at all.

I finished primary school of music in Mitrovica, and now im in second grade of high school of Music. In high school i study Klassik genre.. but with love i practise Rock, Jazz etc etc.. all these on Rock school where we are havin a lot of lessons and of course a lot of Fun.

I prefer to listen to '70, '80, '90, also nowadays Hit songs, but my favourite singers and Bands ones are, TOTO, DIRE STRAITS, LEONA LEWIS, STEVIE WONDER etc...

I was participant of Skopje summer school 2008, i had great time, so i hope to spend also a great time this YEAR.

With Respect TONI !

Rron's ready for Skopje!

Hi! I'm Rron Bejtullahu and im 14 years old.

I'm finished school, and this all 4 years am going to be a college student.

My hoby is music and other sports like basketball, football etc....
but my favorite is music, I spend my a few free time practicing it.

I hope that I'm going to have fun in Skopje..!

That's all, bye...!

17 August 2010

Gerdien's ready for Skopje!

My name is Gerdien Visser. I am teacher didactics at The Rockacademy. I studied psychology and educational theory. I am the coordinator of this project for the Rock Academy. Furthermore I am responsible for the training week for the coaches of The Rock School in Tilburg.

I am not a musician but I have had pianolessons for several years (hobby). My husband plays the bassguitar and two of my children (15, 17 and 19 years old) play guitar. There is always music in my house.

For my work (guiding students in practice) I visit often music schools in Holland.

For me it is my third time that I join the Summerschool. I am looking forward to the Summerschool!

Rasim's ready for Skopje!

Hello, my name is Rasim, I'm 15 years old.

I live in North Mitrovica and I'm playing drums for almost two years. My favorite band is Ac/DC.

If the is anything else that you should know, just ask. :)

All the best.

Behar's ready for Skopje!

Hi I am Behar Vila

I am 19 years old and I have finished the last year of secondary technical school in Mitrovica. I have planes to register in Computer Faculty olso in Mitrovica.

I am drummer for 3 years. About this Summer School I think is a good chance to learn more about music, and I think it will be great.

See you

16 August 2010

Rocking Skopje for the third time!

Ceni's ready for Skopje!

Hey everybody!

I'm Hysen Damati born in the lovely city of Mitrovica :).

I'm 17 and next year, I will finish the 12th grade or the last year of Mitrovica’s gymnasium "Frang Bardhi."

My all time favorite hobbies are music and tennis. Since I was a little boy, I always enjoyed singing and making music in our school plays and different related organizations made in our city. I also play tennis in my spare time.

I'm looking forward to a rocking nice week in Skopje.

Can't wait to meet ya’ll :)


Festim's ready for Skopje!

Hi, I am Festim Haxhikadriu

I am 17 years old now and I started the first grade of Music Arts Faculty in Prishtina. Actualy I am a violinist but when I went in Mitrovica Rock School i started to play bass guitar. So I play bass guitar for already 2 years.

When I was for first time in Skopje Summer School 2 years ago I've had a realy good time, so no doubt we will have a great time in this year in Skopje Summer School.

Jonathan's ready for Skopje!

Hello rockschoolers!!

My name is Jonathan Hoevertsz and I'm in my last year at the Rock academy in the Netherlands and I’m specializing myself in vocals. I enjoy every kind of music from jazz to pop from R&B to rock from ballads to metal you name it.

I'm the lead singer from the Dutch rock band SeriouS and we are working hard on our debut album witch will be out round September/ October.

I'm really looking forward to come and do some vocal coaching in Skopje summerschool and I hope you’ll have a pleasant learning experience.

Keep on rocking you guys and I’ll see you soon !! :D

13 August 2010

Filip S. is ready for Skopje!

Hello, I'm Filip, and I'm 17 years old.

I play guitar for 3 years!...

See you in Skoplje :)

The Loudest School Ever!

When someone mention term “school” that reminds us of something too serious, too boring, too annoying, but that’s not the case with our "Mitrovica Rock School." The loudest school ever!

There's no absent students! Never! Kids are happy to participate in something like this so, they are in the Rock School all the time, no matter if they have classes, reherseal or not.

Mitrovica Rock School gave us a chance to do what we ever wanted, to play music which we like and been understood by others. Except rooms with really good equipment, for bend rehearsal, Rock School has a really good teachers who can REALLY help you to improve your playing or singing skills.

The result of that is a larger number of students every month.The sound of musicians and bends from rock school is strong and catchy so kids around are allured by that and keep coming every day.

This year we're looking forward to ROCK Skopje again! Leaders of Mitrovica Rock School have provided another SUMMERS SCHOOL for Rock School students! We have another chance to play, learn and hang out with our friends from south Mitrovica!

See you 22th August in Skopje! What else can I say?! Come and see what we do!


Report by Milan a.k.a. Chilly, PR Intern Summer 2010

12 August 2010

Dado's ready for Skopje!

Hello, I'm Nermin, and I'm 20 years old.

I play bass guitar for 3 years now. I play in the band Dark Sky which is very known in this area.

We've been playing at many many festivals all around Serbia, with our own songs.

My favorite music is metal, grunge and hard rock.

See you in Skopje

Ratomir's ready for Skopje!

hi, i am lalic ratomir...

i live in kosovska mitrovica and i have 17 years...

i play bass guitar....

Filip M. is ready for Skopje!

Hi, my name is Filip an I'm 17.

I play drums since 2007....

I listen to many different music genres...

See you soon in Skopje.....:) :)...

Jelena's ready for Skopje!

Hi, my name is Jelena Zafirovic and I'm 20 years old. I study Music Academy in North Kosovska Mitrovica.

I'm a singer, songwriter and a little bit a guitar player. I listen to most genres of music, I respect every genre, but I mostly like to do rock'n'roll/metal/punk. For example, I listen to: Metallica, Shakira, RHCP, PRONG, Riverside, etc, I could go on all day.

Music is everything to me, that's the biggest thing that I take seriously, and that's what I wanna do in my life.

Thanks to Mitrovica Rock School, I learned a lot, I made some friends, and I really can't wait to go to Skopje and learn even more and make more friends.

See you soon in Skopje!


Emir's ready for Skopje!

Hi, everyone. My name is Emir Hasani and i'm 18.

I play guitar since 2000. I play guitar in band Dark Sky.

I listen to many different music genres.

Sijasun :)

Mila's ready for Skopje!

Hi! I'm Mila and i'm 16 years old.

I'm second grade of Grammar school and High music school. I enjoy singing, playing piano and drawing.

I listen to some metal, grunge and rock bands. My idols are Evanescence, Alice in Chains, Guano Apes, Skid Row and many others.

I hope we'll spend our time in Skopje well and I'm looking forward to seeing you all!

Baton's ready for Skopje!

Hi, I am Baton Haxhikadriu, 14 year old and I am from Mitrovica.

I finished the 8th grade of primary school, and olso I finished the primary school of music.

My hobbies are basketball and designing. I'm drummer since Mitrovica Rock School started.

And I am sure that we will have a gread time in Skopje Summer School this year.

See you...

Dren's ready for Skopje!

Hi everyone I'm Dren!

I play guitar. I enjoy music, everykind of it. I graduated at primary (regular) school and also in the primary classic music school.

I like rock and metal the most. I was in the first Skopje summer school and it was so wonderful, I'm sure this year will be even better.

See u soon

10 August 2010

Minja's ready for Skopje!

I'm Minja from Kosovska Mitrovica.

I'm 16 years old and I go to 2nd grade of Gymnasium.

I also go to Mitrovica's Rock School, where i sing and play piano. I listen to all rock and some of grunge and metal genres.

I'm looking forward to our association in Skopje.... see you soon!

8 August 2010

Miske's ready for Skopje!

Hi, everyone. My name is Nemanja Misic and I'm 22.

I play bass guitar and I started to play 4 years ago.

Personally, I like to listen many different genres of music like alternative rock, indie rock, hard rock, blues/southern rock, smooth jazz, fusion...

My favourite artists (at this time :) ) are Pearl Jam, John Mayer, Richie Kotzen, Matchbox 20, Joe Bonnamasa, Candy Dulfer etc. This will be my 2nd Summer school expirience and I expect a lot of fun, and also a lot of great music.

'Till Skopje, have fun and see you soon.


7 August 2010

Marko's ready for Skopje!

Hi, my name is Marko Marjanovic, guitar player from Leposavic, North Kosovo.

I am interested in blues, hard rock and jazz music.

Since I participated in Mitrovica rock school my music knowledge is growing.

See you in Skopje.

6 August 2010

Edona's ready for Skopje!

HI everyone i'm Edona.

I sing, and I paint. I love art, art is my life! I love my band, and I love rockschool, it's a big opportunity. I'v been in rockschool for... 8 month. I like being around musicians.

My idols are Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Cranberries etc etc haha

I'm looking forward to seing u all, xox Edona ;)

Gjeneta's ready for Skopje!

Hi! My name is Gjeneta Damati, and I'm 17 years old. I was born in Mitrovica and also live. I'm student of Music high school "Tefta Tashko" and I have completed two years with high successfully.

I start to sing in childhood and I was participating in some festivals. I hear different kinds of music, but ballads bring more emotion to me. Truly Music inspire me, so I want only to continue and learn more for it.

Hope to meet you all as soon..!

4 August 2010

Harm's ready for Skopje!

Hello everybody,

My name is Harm. I study songwriting and sound engineering at the Rock Academy. I'm also a singer in a few bands, mostly rock oriented.

I'll be recording demo's and giving songwriting workshops during the summer school in Skopje.

I’m really looking forward to come to Skopje to make and record music together!


3 August 2010

Medina's ready for Skopje!

I am Medina Hetemi, 18 years old and I live in Mitrovica, born and bred.

I'm in the last year of High School. I finished the past three years of high school successfully, and I hope this year to be the same like the others.

I like very much music. I almost sang all my life, but just at home.

The rock school was a very good chance for me to learn more things about music, especially vocalist exercises. I like to listen to Rock music and Ballads pretty much.

I hardly can wait to see you all x).

2 August 2010

Ruud's ready for Skopje!

Hi, I'm Ruud Borgers, I play guitar and sing.

45 years old and the last 30 years my days are filled with music. I've played in a lot of bands, writing songs & playing live, worked in studio's as producer and the last 17 years I've been a bandcoach.

I like working on things that you cannot write down, like interaction between instruments, timing, dynamics, energy.

This will be my 3rd Skopje experience and I'm really looking forward to seeing you all and working with you.



28 July 2010

Ivo's ready for Skopje!

Hi Everybody,

My name is Ivo. I study bass guitar at the Rock Academy, Holland. I play several styles of music but mostly I play rock music. I'll be giving bass workshops during the Summer School in Skopje. We will work on different techniques, music styles and just how to make a bass groove.

I am looking forward to Skopje. Meeting new people and seeing back familiar ones.

See you guys soon!


19 July 2010

Nienke's ready for Skopje!

Hi everyone,

My name is Nienke and I study vocals at the Rockacademy. I listen to any kind of music but mostly I sing rock and soul music. I'll be giving singing classes at Summer School in Skopje and I'm looking forward to it!

I feel lucky to have participated in this so far and to have met you all :)

Let's have a great time in Skopje!


12 July 2010

Skopje, here we come!

Gearing up for the 2010 Summer School

Dear students, friends and fans of the Mitrovica Rock School,

Time for some good news: we have the green light for the 2010 Skopje Summer School!

In the last week of August, 24 Rock School students and their ten teachers will travel to Skopje, Macedonia, for a week of training, rehearsing and performing. In Skopje, we will be joined by five trainers from the Fontys Rock Academy: Ivo, Harm, Nienke, Jonathan and Ruud, and their coordinator, Gerdien.

During the Summer School, students will have a week to choose their songs and band names and work together towards a major outdoor concert. Throughout the week, Rock School and Rock Academy trainers will give workshops and master classes, so get ready for some pretty intense music-making!

The Skopje Summer School is the high point of the year. In Skopje, the Mitrovica Rock School's two branches join forces to give Skopje a taste of great music from the city of rock'n'roll.

Stay tuned for details and introductions from trainers and participants!

The Skopje Summer School is financially supported by the Social Transformation Program (Matra) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Finnish, French and Norwegian Embassies in Pristina.