30 March 2010

Rock School in Revu magazine

Dutch magazine Revu recently published an in-depth article on the Mitrovica Rock School. Journalist Zvezdana Vukojevic and photographer Corné van der Stelt visited Mitrovica in the summer of 2009, just before the last Summer School. Click on the images below to view the article in a larger screen.

25 March 2010

Rock School concert this Sunday!

This Sunday, the bands of the Rock School's South branch will perform at Attica (Mitrovica). The show will be hosted by Rock School student Visar, who also co-hosted the Rock School's Official Opening in September 2009 together with Vesa, Milos and Minja.

The theme of the night is "Spring Rock," so bring a sunny mood and dress appropriately!

Mitrovica Rock School NL Tour - Week 2: The highlights

This March, Rock School teachers and coordinators Milos, Edon, Mladen, Nesim, Goran, Valon and Erhan visited the Netherlands for two weeks of training and performing. They were there at the special invitation of the Fontys Rock Academy and Musicians without Borders.

The second week, they joined forces with Rock Academy students Joosje Jochems and Roland Baak, ex-Rock Academy student Suzanne van Amelsvoort and long-time Rock School friend Ruud Borgers to perform at three benefit concerts in the South of the Netherlands.

Here are the highlights of Week 2: the Mitrovica Rock School tour of the Netherlands.

Monday 8 and Tuesday 9: Rehearsing @ PopEi

On Monday and Tuesday, the musicians rehearsed at PopEi. They formed two bands: MRS & RA, consisting of Joosje, Suzanne, Edon, Goran, Valon, Erhan, Roland and Mladen, and Return of the Sahbaz, a three-headed band consisting of Ruud, Milos and Mladen with a special guest performance by Edon.

Wednesday March 10: Lokaal 8 in Veldhoven

The real kick-off came on Wednesday, where the whole group performed for an excited crowd of rock fans - an amazing number of whom answered to the last name of Borgers!

Thursday March 11: Goran rules, Bertus rewards and Studio rocks!

On Thursday, Rock School teacher Goran Vucetic was invited to give a special master class for the Rock Academy's guitar students. The master class was a huge success, and even made the newspapers in Eindhoven!

In the afternoon, Rock Academy Director Bertus Borgers presented the Rock School staff with certificates for their successful participation in the training week.

Thursday night, the group did a benefit concert at Studio in Tilburg. Thanks to co-organizer DJ Daniel O, the evening raised EUR 200 for the Mitrovica Rock School. A big thanks to Daniel from the whole crowd in Mitrovica!

Friday March 12: Home sweet home - rockin' at PopEi!

The third benefit concert brought the group back to PopEi (Eindhoven), by now the Rock School's home away from home. The concert attracted a huge crowd and raised a neat sum for the Mitrovica Rock School.

A special thanks to Joop Soree for the initiative, the generous contribution and the nice food, and to the rest of the PopEi team for the warm welcome and the great poster design!

23 March 2010

Rock School rocks the Rock Academy Showcase!

On Saturday March 6, the teachers of the Mitrovica Rock School starred at the Bat Cave of 013 in Tilburg, during the Inside Out Showcase of the Fontys Rock Academy.

Goran, Milos and Mladen opened with a rockin' little instrumental, leaving the audience breathless after Goran went all out on the guitar.

Next followed Nesim, Edon, Valon, Goran and Erhan, who really "showcased" what the Rock School has to offer. Nesim ended the show by bringing the house down with an amazing drum solo.

Watch and listen here:

Photos by Christiaan Westgeest.

21 March 2010

Mitrovica Rock School NL Tour - Week 1: The highlights

This March, Rock School teachers and coordinators Milos, Edon, Mladen, Nesim, Goran, Valon and Erhan visited the Netherlands for two weeks of training and performing. They were there at the special invitation of the Fontys Rock Academy and Musicians without Borders.

Here are the highlights of Week 1: training at the Fontys Rock Academy.

Monday March 1: Back at the Academy

On Monday morning, the whole group was welcomed by Rock Academy Directors Bertus Borgers and Gerard Boontjes and didactic counselor Gerdien Visser. Bertus introduced the week by taking a trip down memory lane, explaining the history of the Rock School to Nesim and Valon, the two newcomers on the team.

In the evening, we visited music school Factorium. In the photo: drum teachers Mladen and Nesim watch a Factorium drum lesson.

Tuesday March 2: Judgin' and jammin'

On Tuesday, the Rock School team worked as a "shadow panel" during the Rock Academy's Band Assessments. They judged individual RA musicians and songwriters performing in eight different bands, using the same criteria as the official panel.

On tuesday evening, we had a lovely dinner at Gerdien's, cooked up by her husband Jos. The group was then invited to the back of the house, where they have a private R'n'R club. Watch what happened next...

Wednesday March 3: Comparing notes

On Wednesday, the group analysed the band assessments with K's Choice drummer Koen Lieckens. Koen compared the conclusions of the "shadow panel" to those of the official panel. The outcome? Everything from full agreement to major discord!

On Wednesday afternoon, Gerdien had scheduled workshops and master classes for nearly all teachers. No pictures, but an awesome experience nonetheless!

Thursday March 4: Another "RockSchool"

On Thursday, the group translated what they'd seen at the Rock Academy to their own situation. Rock Academy Director Gerard joined us to present the appropriately named RockSchool system, as an example of an accredited assessment system from the UK.

Friday March 5: Meeting the RA students

Friday afternoon, the Rock School team was asked to present the project to the Rock Academy's School of Music students.

After the presentation, the team met with the RA students, many of whom were interested in joining us in Mitrovica and Skopje.

Saturday March 6:

On Saturday, the Mitrovica Rock School rocked the Rock Academy's Inside Out Show Case! Read more here!

Mitrovica Rock School - NL Tour 2010

Dear Rock School groupies,

Last week, a group of seven exhausted but happy Rock School teachers returned to Mitrovica from a two-week tour of Netherlands.

Curious to know what this group of tiny-eyed rockers had been up to? Day-by-day accounts will be posted soon!

Stay tuned,


3 March 2010

Mitrovica Rock School to rock Tilburg!

On Thursday March 11, the teachers of the Mitrovica Rock School will be performing at Rockin' Balkans.

Where? Studio, Tilburg (the Netherlands)
When? Thursday March 11 @ 9:30 p.m.

The acts:
Return of the Sahbaz
Rock School/Rock Academy All Star Band
Chili Con Fusion/Balkan Mash-Up Madness

If you're in the neighborhood, come and rock with us!

Other performances:
Saturday March 6, 1:30 p.m., 013 (Tilburg), Rock Academy Show Case
Wednesday March 10, 9 p.m., Lokaal 8 (Veldhoven)
Friday March 12, 7 p.m., PopEi (Eindhoven)

Rock on!