25 March 2010

Mitrovica Rock School NL Tour - Week 2: The highlights

This March, Rock School teachers and coordinators Milos, Edon, Mladen, Nesim, Goran, Valon and Erhan visited the Netherlands for two weeks of training and performing. They were there at the special invitation of the Fontys Rock Academy and Musicians without Borders.

The second week, they joined forces with Rock Academy students Joosje Jochems and Roland Baak, ex-Rock Academy student Suzanne van Amelsvoort and long-time Rock School friend Ruud Borgers to perform at three benefit concerts in the South of the Netherlands.

Here are the highlights of Week 2: the Mitrovica Rock School tour of the Netherlands.

Monday 8 and Tuesday 9: Rehearsing @ PopEi

On Monday and Tuesday, the musicians rehearsed at PopEi. They formed two bands: MRS & RA, consisting of Joosje, Suzanne, Edon, Goran, Valon, Erhan, Roland and Mladen, and Return of the Sahbaz, a three-headed band consisting of Ruud, Milos and Mladen with a special guest performance by Edon.

Wednesday March 10: Lokaal 8 in Veldhoven

The real kick-off came on Wednesday, where the whole group performed for an excited crowd of rock fans - an amazing number of whom answered to the last name of Borgers!

Thursday March 11: Goran rules, Bertus rewards and Studio rocks!

On Thursday, Rock School teacher Goran Vucetic was invited to give a special master class for the Rock Academy's guitar students. The master class was a huge success, and even made the newspapers in Eindhoven!

In the afternoon, Rock Academy Director Bertus Borgers presented the Rock School staff with certificates for their successful participation in the training week.

Thursday night, the group did a benefit concert at Studio in Tilburg. Thanks to co-organizer DJ Daniel O, the evening raised EUR 200 for the Mitrovica Rock School. A big thanks to Daniel from the whole crowd in Mitrovica!

Friday March 12: Home sweet home - rockin' at PopEi!

The third benefit concert brought the group back to PopEi (Eindhoven), by now the Rock School's home away from home. The concert attracted a huge crowd and raised a neat sum for the Mitrovica Rock School.

A special thanks to Joop Soree for the initiative, the generous contribution and the nice food, and to the rest of the PopEi team for the warm welcome and the great poster design!

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