28 April 2010

Rock School to participate in MasterPeace

On May 5 (Dutch Liberation Day), the Mitrovica Rock School will participate in the prelaunch of a major international music production: MasterPeace.

MasterPeace is an initiative of Ilco van der Linde (Bevrijdingspop Festival, Dance4Life). On May 5, famous Dutch composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven will present his production 20'14''. The name refers to the length of the piece, but also to the final year of the MasterPeace campaign: 2014.

In 20'14'', Merlijn wil use music composed and performed by students of the Rock School's two branches. The production will be performed with live musicians at the Bevrijdingspop Festival in Haarlem (NL) at 20:30 hrs. We hope to post a YouTube link shortly after!

Here's an article on MasterPiece in Vrij Nederland (in Dutch).

2008 Bevrijdingspop Festival

7 April 2010

Cycling for rock'n'roll

Hungarian Dutchman Simon Wintermans has decided to support the Rock School in a unique way: by riding his bicycle from Essen, Germany, to Istanbul, Turkey.

By bike, Simon will connect three European Capitals of Culture: Essen, Pécs and Istanbul. And on the 4th of June, Simon expects to arrive in the rock capital of the Balkans, Mitrovica.

Simon will not only be riding his bike, he will also be making a video documentary and keeping a blog. On the blog, you can read more about Simon's brains, muscles and heart, i.e. the intellectual adventure, the physical challenge and his motives for supporting the Rock School. Also, IKV Pax Christi - one of the four partner orgs behind the Rock School - has posted a short article on Simon's trip on its News page (in Dutch).

Simon will leave Essen this Saturday, April 10. After cycling some 5,500 km, Simon expects to arrive in Istanbul on June 22.

Simon, best of luck from the whole Mitrovica team!

4 April 2010

Rock School intern Blerta reports

This whole period as an intern was a pretty rocking time for me!
I started as a complete unable photographer and shy speaker and ended up with WAY much better skills in photographing and also what’s most important, better communicating.

Having the chance to catch all those marvelous moments we had, during, after and before the rehearsals, with all the rock school mates, by making photos all the time, is like the most rocking idea ever!

That way, everybody, our friends, family, or maybe just random people, got the chance to experience the real warmth that was flowing inside this school. Not just by looking at our regular web-posts which are usually photos and videos but also by getting invited in different performances, concerts, or just by hearing our stories of the great time we’re having together is pretty mouthwatering, for everyone. :)

I also had the chance to learn how things really work in organizing events, which is a really important component of being a completed musician and good for general knowledge.

Sincerely, I’ve been the luckiest girl having the chance to be part of all this.