7 April 2010

Cycling for rock'n'roll

Hungarian Dutchman Simon Wintermans has decided to support the Rock School in a unique way: by riding his bicycle from Essen, Germany, to Istanbul, Turkey.

By bike, Simon will connect three European Capitals of Culture: Essen, Pécs and Istanbul. And on the 4th of June, Simon expects to arrive in the rock capital of the Balkans, Mitrovica.

Simon will not only be riding his bike, he will also be making a video documentary and keeping a blog. On the blog, you can read more about Simon's brains, muscles and heart, i.e. the intellectual adventure, the physical challenge and his motives for supporting the Rock School. Also, IKV Pax Christi - one of the four partner orgs behind the Rock School - has posted a short article on Simon's trip on its News page (in Dutch).

Simon will leave Essen this Saturday, April 10. After cycling some 5,500 km, Simon expects to arrive in Istanbul on June 22.

Simon, best of luck from the whole Mitrovica team!

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