20 August 2010

Fatjon's ready for Skopje!

Hi, im Fatjon Miftaraj, im 17 years old.

I started playing piano when i was 3 years.. and of course i still want study it at all.

I finished primary school of music in Mitrovica, and now im in second grade of high school of Music. In high school i study Klassik genre.. but with love i practise Rock, Jazz etc etc.. all these on Rock school where we are havin a lot of lessons and of course a lot of Fun.

I prefer to listen to '70, '80, '90, also nowadays Hit songs, but my favourite singers and Bands ones are, TOTO, DIRE STRAITS, LEONA LEWIS, STEVIE WONDER etc...

I was participant of Skopje summer school 2008, i had great time, so i hope to spend also a great time this YEAR.

With Respect TONI !

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