13 August 2010

The Loudest School Ever!

When someone mention term “school” that reminds us of something too serious, too boring, too annoying, but that’s not the case with our "Mitrovica Rock School." The loudest school ever!

There's no absent students! Never! Kids are happy to participate in something like this so, they are in the Rock School all the time, no matter if they have classes, reherseal or not.

Mitrovica Rock School gave us a chance to do what we ever wanted, to play music which we like and been understood by others. Except rooms with really good equipment, for bend rehearsal, Rock School has a really good teachers who can REALLY help you to improve your playing or singing skills.

The result of that is a larger number of students every month.The sound of musicians and bends from rock school is strong and catchy so kids around are allured by that and keep coming every day.

This year we're looking forward to ROCK Skopje again! Leaders of Mitrovica Rock School have provided another SUMMERS SCHOOL for Rock School students! We have another chance to play, learn and hang out with our friends from south Mitrovica!

See you 22th August in Skopje! What else can I say?! Come and see what we do!


Report by Milan a.k.a. Chilly, PR Intern Summer 2010

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