22 September 2010

Rock School part of major new project

The Mitrovica Rock School has joined a coalition of seven of the most effective civil society organizations in Mitrovica. Together, they will open the Center for Resources, Youth and Media (CRYM).

Empowering youth
CRYM aims to empower and activate Mitrovica's largest demographic group: youth and young adults. In addition to the Rock School's North branch, the CRYM Building will house a youth center (the "CRYM Club"), a media center and radio station, offices for all seven organizations, and the "CRYMcubator," where young people can develop their own initiatives.

CRYM Coalition
The CRYM Coalition is formed by: CCSD, Jazas, AFPK, CBM, Contact Plus Radio, M-M@G and the Media Center, and the Mitrovica Rock School.

Bridging the Divide
CRYM is part of Bridging the Divide, a major new project developed by, among others, MwB partner Community Building Mitrovica and supported by SPARK. The project covers an extensive set of infrastructural upgrades on both sides of the city, bi-lingual e-magazine M-M@G, and the CRYM Building and Coalition.

Bridging the Divide is supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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