26 November 2010

Guidelines for blog reports by Rock School students

Learn to market your school, your band and your image!
The Mitrovica Rock School is gaining an international reputation. Help make us famous, and promote your own band while you’re at it!

“The Loudest School Ever!”

You think people can’t hear us? Well, you’re wrong. Since we started counting less than a year ago, the Rock School blog has had over 10,000 hits!

The Rock School would like you, our students, to write blog reports on concerts and anything else of interest to the Rock School. If approved, your article will be published on this blog.

Your article:
- Should come with at least one good photo (videos uploaded to YouTube can also be used)
- Should have a title and a topic
- Should promote the Rock School’s activities (in some cases, an article may also be about your own band or your personal music activities, but only when it’s BIG news. In that case, you should link it to the Rock School.)
- Should be in English
- Should be checked for spelling
- Should be submitted to and approved by trainee project manager Nikola at hopsy.org@gmail.com.
Nikola may suggest edits to your blog before approving to for publication.
The best articles will be published on the blog. The Rock School will pay you a small fee for every article that we publish.

Examples of blog reports:
- announcements of concerts (at least two days before the concert)
- reports on concerts (no later than three days after the concert)
- announcements of participation in festivals, big concerts, etc. (and reports)
- students’ participation in TV and other competitions
- the Rock School’s participation in TV-shows
- sponsorships (instruments donated, sponsorships of events)
- reports on Rock Academy training weeks
- reports on Summer Schools
- general reports about the Rock School
- and any other creative ideas you can come up with!

Mitrovica has always been a center for the rock music in the region. We want to make sure the world knows!

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