5 January 2011

Temporary home for the Rock School's North branch

Pending our move to the Center for Resources, Youth and Media (CRYM, ex-VIVA), the Rock School's North branch has found a temporary new home... or rather two.

Band coaching sessions
Until the move to CRYM, band coaching will be held just off Ĺ umadija Square. Yesterday, the Rock School team set up the backline and did some provisional soundproofing, so we'll be ready to rock as of today!

Technical School
Since the beginning of December, individual lessons have been held in the basement of the Technical School, while drum lessons have been organized at the home of the drum teacher Misko Radovic.

The Technical School has generously made its facilities available free of charge, so that the Rock School could continue its activities without interruption.

Meanwhile, the renovation of the old VIVA Club is in full swing, and is expected to be completed in mid-February. Once completed, it will house the Center for Resources, Youth and Media. The Rock School's North branch will share the ground floor with a brand new youth center, the CRYM Club.

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