23 February 2011

All about the Rock School

By Jelena Zafirovic, singer and guitarist

The newest concert of Mitrovica Rock School was in November 16th, 2010. Seven bands performed in this order: Revenge, Behind The Light, Dark Sky, Midnight, Medvedici, Panic and Hemophobia. The concert was held in the „Song Club“ cafe.

Jelena's all-girl band Revenge

Rock School's North branch on the move
Mitrovica Rock School regurarly worked in a house near Bosnjacka Mahala until it has to move out, so at the moment, the Rock School is located in a wooden space behind the „Cool“ cafe, though in that location are only held band reherseals, the bass guitar classes and the drum classes, while classes as: guitar class, singing class and music theory class, are held at the Tehnical High School in Kosovska Mitrovica. So the rock school would work with the basic terms, when it’s about the space, the professors and the students of the rock school are hoping that the school will soon finally be moved in the building where the cafe „Viva“ used to be located at, so that there would be held both reherseals and classes.

Classes and band coaching
Mitrovica Rock School is offering a music education of childrena and people of all age. For five euros a month – a student can attend: drum classes, bass guitar classes, guitar classes, singing classes and music theory classes – as much classes the student chooses, he will pay only five euros a month, and if later a student wants to form a band, the price will be the same.

Music as a hobby or a career
Mitrovica Rock School is always adapting to school and personal student’s obligations, everything is done in agreement which both professors and students have to respect. No matter if a student wants to engage in music in the future, too, or it is just a hobby, the rock school will certainly give fun, along with, of course, a practical education in rock music mostly that is hard to learn somewhere else in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Sign up!
If your child loves music, has a sense of hearing and is ready to learn to play an instrument or to work on its voice and singing talent, all he needs to do is to visit the temporary rock school space that is located behind the „Cool“ cafe and sign in.

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