23 February 2011

Drum lessons: loud and great!

By Vesa Nishliu, drummer

Photo: drum student Vesa, trainee teacher Vedat and senior teacher

As we know, Mitrovica Rock School is the first school of rock here in Kosovo. It is also the loudest and the greatest one!

Expressing talent
In Mitrovica Rock School, students have chance to learn how to play our favorite instruments, and how to sing. With some words, it's the exact place to express our talent. MRS, is divided into two branches, North-branch and the South-branch.

Our teachers
In South branch, there are six great teachers who are so proffessional and hard workers. They teach us whatever we need, also they are so friendly and understand us in every case. Simply, They Rock !

Nesim's drum lessons
Nesim Maxhuni is one of them. He teaches us how to play Drums. The drumming lessons are every Wednesday (individual lessons), starting at 4.30p.m. until 7.00 p.m. During that time, Nesim helps me and the other students with our band songs, if there’s anything we don’t understand or that can’t play, he explains it to us, plays it together with us, and makes it much easier for us. I’m very thankful to him, for everything he tought me since the first day he started working here in MRS.

Can't wait!
He also teaches new rudiments, drum solos, how to read drum tabs, etc. After school lessons, he gives us new stuff to learn, so we can practice it for a week, and be able to play it the other Wednesday. I just can’t wait for it. And I bet that also the other students feel the same.

Talent and cool teachers
Expressing the feelings and the talent is great. That's what MRS students do, being helped by these proffessional cool teachers.

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