23 February 2011

Show your talent and rock the world!

By Mila Jaksic, singer

If you love music, playing some instrument or singing, Mitrovica Rock School is right place for you!

It's place where singers, guitarists, drummers and beginners meet bands and coaches. Everyone starts from 1st level and moves forward to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and finally 5th. Higher levels include more cooperating with bands, more practice, work and experience, and with it - more fun.

What so great about rock school?
Rock school supports every music genre - from metal to blues. You can enjoy playing already existing songs or either make your own.

Mitrovica Rock School is temporarily placed in small house behind barbecue restaurant "Cool", but it will be replaced soon in much larger space where many band rehearsals, classes and coaching will be able at the same time.

Mitrovica Rock School also organizes many gigs and concerts for bands formed in school.

Show your talent and rock the world!

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