28 February 2011

New concert in March!

By Jelena Zafirovic, singer and guitarist

Mitrovica Rock School is planning a new concert in March, 2011, at the Center for Resources, Youth and Media (ex-VIVA).

How the preparations work

Even though there aren’t many good places for gigs in Kosovska Mitrovica, Mitrovica Rock School is trying really hard to keep it all organized as much as it’s possible.

Good clubs

So far, Mitrovica Rock School held gigs at “Retro Pub”, “Viva” and “Song Club”. All bands have regular rehearsals until there comes a time for a concert – then they have organized more general rehearsals so the bands would be ready on time. Professors are doing their best to organize general rehearsals so they’d fit every students’ obligations, so everyone would attend the rehearsal on time.

Concert day
If general rehearsals didn’t already finish for all bands, some are moved on the concert day, usually in the morning, so students wouldn’t be tired to perform that night. A few hours before the gig, the professors and students carry the instruments and everything else they need to the club or to the café the concert is supposed to be happening.

All bands are supposed to be there at least a half an hour before the gig starts. When it gets crowded in the audience – the performance starts. Will you be on that stage or in the audience – that’s your choice, but whatever that you do, a great time is guaranteed.

Haven’t you signed up already?
If you play any instrument, or sing, or write songs, if you have musical experience, AND if you don’t, but you want your voice to be heard by playing, singing and/or writing songs – Mitrovica Rock School is the right place for you!

All you have to do is visit the current location of Mitrovica Rock School (right behind the “Cool” café in Kosovska Mitrovica). We are welcoming EVERYONE and we will support you for anything that you choose to do here – for only 5 euros a month.

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