21 February 2011

Rock School gearing up for training in the Netherlands

The first week of March 2011, the teachers and coordinators of the Mitrovica Rock School will travel to the Netherlands for a training week at the Fontys Rock Academy.

Fontys Rock Academy
The Rock Academy is one of the four organizations behind the Rock School, training local staff in band coaching, didactic approaches and, now, institutional development.

Sustainable rock and roll
At the Rock Academy, the Mitrovica team will learn what it means to be a sustainable cultural-educational institution. How do Dutch music schools survive? What is a reasonable proportion between the number of teachers and the number of students? How can you market your school? How do you balance commercial demand and quality?

Teacher training
In addition, the Rock Academy will focus on the development of the Rock School's curriculum. Which materials do teachers use in lessons? How do you treat different levels? Where do you start with an absolute beginner?

Familiar faces
During the training week, the Mitrovica team will be reunited with Rock School veterans like Sophie, Joosje, Nienke, Jonathan and Eric. Of course they will also meet many new people and have new experiences in the Netherlands. The week will be coordinated by the Rock Academy's Gerdien Visser, who has been closely involved in the Rock School's development since 2008.

Watch out, Tilburg, the Rock School is coming!

Read more about the Fontys Rock Academy on its new website (in Dutch, but with great pics).

The Rock Academy Training Week is part of the larger Mitrovica Rock School program, organized by Musicians without Borders, Community Building Mitrovica, IKV Pax Christi and the Fontys Rock Academy. Read more about the Rock School and the organizations behind it here: www.musicianswithoutborders.org/p_poprock.

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