21 February 2011

Rock School NL Tour: meet the team!

From February 27 through March 6, the teachers and coordinators of the Mitrovica Rock School will travel to the Netherlands for a training week at the Fontys Rock Academy. Meet the Mitrovica team!

Milos Drazevic
In his role as the project manager of Mitrovica Rock School for local organization CBM, Milos is responsible for the daily operations of the school. He is the first point of contact on the ground for partners, parents and press. He also coordinates the Rock School branch in North Mitrovica.

Milos is a musician as well: he plays the bass guitar in the bands Psycho-Sonic Boris, Hosenfefer and Dutch-Kosovo band Return of the Sahbaz (ROTS).

Ajten Sylejmani Sahatciu
Born and raised in Mitrovica, Ajten started working at the Mitrovica Rock School as a Coordinator for South Branch in November 2010.

Ajten is not a musician, but brings to the project the organizational expertise she gained working for different organizations in Mitrovica and Pristina.

At the Fontys Rock Academy in the Netherlands, Ajten expects to learn more about what is involved in running a successful cultural-educational institution. This will be her first international training trip, and she is looking forward to it immensely!

Goran Vucetic
Goran is self-taught and has been playing the guitar for 20 years now. He has played hundreds of gigs, jam sessions, festivals and major concerts.

At the Rock School, Goran coaches everything from punk to pop bands. In addition, Goran wrote and recorded the soundtrack of the documentary ‘The Visit’ in 2009(directed by Anthony Barilla).

Since the Rock School’s opening in October 2008, Goran has been working as a band coach and guitar and bass teacher at the Rock School’s branch in North Mitrovica.

Edon Ramadani
Edon picked up the keyboard 14 years ago. He has played with many singers and bands in various genres, including pop, rock, folk and jazz. Edon is a man of many talents: besides the keys, he plays the guitar, bass guitar and drums, and has been known coach our vocalists as well.

In November 2008, Edon started as the coordinator of the Rock School’s South branch. With the professionalization of the school, Edon handed his coordination duties to Ajten, but continues to provide huge operational support and work on the development of the school’s didactic structure. On a daily basis, Edon works as a band coach and keyboard instructor.

Valon Gashi
Born and raised in Pristina, Valon first taught himself to play the guitar 19 years ago. With over 700 recordings to his name as a studio musician, Valon has proven himself in a broad range of musical genres. But more than anything, Valon loves to play the blues.

Valon joined the Rock School in February 2010 as a senior guitar and bass teacher. He is part of the new team that will work on the professionalization of the Rock School, and he will be able to teach even our most advanced students for years.

Nesim Maxhuni
Nesim first started drumming at the early age of 13. In 2000, he launched his career as a professional musician and he has sky-rocketed since. He has played numerous gigs with different bands throughout the Balkans, and has performed at several major festivals. Apart from his impressive track record as a performer, Nesim has co-organized several jam sessions in Mitrovica, to give young musicians from the rock music city a boost.

Nesim joined the Rock School in February 2010 as a drum teacher. He is part of the new team that will work on the professionalization of the Rock School, and he will provide teacher training to former Rock School student Vedat.

Mladen Marinkovic
Originally from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mladen now lives in Mitrovica, Kosovo. Mladen is self-taught and has been playing the drums for more than 19 years. He has recorded over 150 studio tracks and has performed throughout the Balkans. Mladen currently has six bands in Mitrovica: Psycho-Sonic Boris, Hosenfefer, Tribute To The Partibrejkers, Chicken Farm, Lazy and Return Of The Sahbaz.

Since October 2008, Mladen has been working as band coach and drum instructor at the Mitrovica Rock School. Mladen is also working as a student counselor, and helps the Rock School students organize their own gigs.

Erhan Mujka
Born and raised in Mitrovica, Erhan is currently enrolled at the Faculty of Arts in Pristina as a student of classical guitar. In addition, he has been working as a music teacher at the primary music school in Mitrovica since 2003. Besides classical music, Erhan also plays rock music and blues.

Since October 2008, Erhan has been working as band coach and guitar and music theory instructor at the Mitrovica Rock School. Erhan is also working as a student counselor, and helps the Rock School students organize their own gigs.

Nemanja "Miske" Misic
At 22 years old, Nemanja (nicknamed “Miske”) is the youngest and newest member of the team. Miske started as a student at the Rock School, but is currently working as a trainee bass guitar teacher.

Miske hopes that Mitrovica Rock School will continue to offer youth opportunities to develop as musicians and creative individuals, and help improve the cultural scene of the entire city. As for the training week in Netherlands, he expects it will be a great help to him in his future work at the Rock School.

Emir Plava
Emir Plava is a Mitrovica native and has been working as a professional musician for 23 years. He has had over 4,000 gigs in Kosovo, Turkey, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, and Cyprus.

Emir joined Mitrovica Rock School in March 2010 as a bass guitar teacher, performance coach and band coach. Also, as an experienced singer, he coaches the Rock School’s vocalists. Emir notes that the Rock School, and particularly the opportunity to work with youth and meet new people, is an extremely positive experience for him .

During the training week at the Rock Academy, Emir expects to learn from more experienced musicians – we’ll see if we can find any!

Ivana Popovic
Ivana works as a vocal coach and theory teacher at the Rock School’s North branch.

With a classical background, Ivana finished primary music school for piano and singing, then music high school and final Music Academy for solo singing.

Ivana joined the Rock School in March 2010, and has since received specific training from Fontys Rock Academy students in the techniques of pop and rock singing. A good teacher and a fast learner, Ivana looks forward to getting all she can out of the training week in the Netherlands to further advance her work at the Rock School.

Miodrag “Misko” Radovic
Born and raised in Mitrovica, Misko has been around the Mitrovica music scene for a long time. In addition to playing in many bands, he has been extremely active in organizing music festivals, including the Rock Fest and Jazz & Blues Fest. Misko studied drums at the Barcelona Music Academy. He also plays guitar and percussion and he sings.

At the Rock School, Misko teaches advanced drums and is in charge of developing the school’s didactic structure. This will be Misko’s second visit to the Fontys Rock Academy, where he will be leading the team in the discussion on didactics and methodologies.

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