8 February 2011

Rock School's South branch auditions 25 new students

Yesterday, 25 aspiring rock musicians - ages 10 to 20 - auditioned at the Rock School's South branch. With openings for new band members as well as absolute beginners, both Rock School branches are recruiting new students.

While the applicants crowded the hallway and the second classroom, teachers took basic ear and rhythm tests and invited those with some experience to demonstrate their skills.


The result? Nearly all students were found to be sufficiently talented, while a second intake round may be held to complete the new bands.

The one thing we're still missing? BASS PLAYERS! So all you admirers of Flea, Sting, Sid Vicious and Dusty Hill, get on down to the Rock School and help us get our groove on!

Want to join the Rock School?
Drop us a note or give us a call!
North branch: call Milos (+381 64 6419 638) or Mladen (+381 62 1403 255)
South branch: call Ajten (+377 44 197 375) or Edon (+386 49 146 322)
Both branches (any language): mitrovicarockschool@yahoo.com

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