24 February 2011

Touching something that an ALL TIME ROCKSTAR touched?!

By Blerta Kosova, singer

Yes! (I still can’t believe myself) but appearantly in the Mitrovica rock school, nothing’s impossible :).

Our schools fame and support is being expanded every single day, it even arrived in the far United States and somehow ended up with SLASHS personal support and signature!!

His signature!
Well I have to be honest.. telling all my Slash-FAN friends, that I actually held something with HIS signature in my hands was pretty harsh. Harsh dealing with all those surprised faces and looks of disbelief , until they say this photo of evidence!! :D

Rocking stuff
It’s a really nice feeling to know that your IDOL, that you can only see on famous tv shows, actually knows that you exist, and gives you support and courage to continue doing rocking stuff like music :) .

All this magic...
I’m really proud that I’m having the chance of being part of all this magic and.. I’m wondering what’s next?! A Mick Jagger signed guitar? An invitation to perform with Tina Turner?.. maybe Paul McCartney?

Read more about Slash's support here.

ingers Edona and Blerta and bass player Enver with autographed Slash doll.

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