31 March 2011

Ruud at the Rock School

By Ceni Damati, drummer

I didn’t know he came to Mitrovica at all, I was surprised when I saw him. At first day he didn’t saw any band but he told us to meet again on Thursday.

On Thursday wile the band "The Frames" were practicing I asked him about Rock School and the band "The Frames," he said:

"I found it very inspiring."

Blerta, Enver, Arber and Vedat are all rolemodels for the rest of the kids and examples of what you can achieve if you want to make music.

Also he had a good talk with his old friend and the light of this years Skopje trip Edona. Also he’ve seen all the coaches and they had some good talks...

Ruud have seen and talk with new student of Rock School too, I asked Adelina, one of new student in school, about Ruud and she said:

"My opinion as a new student for Ruud is that he is so friendly, and so affectionate. I haven't known him before but when I said "hi" to him, he was so good in his reply, and I feel so good that he was so friendly with me even I am a new student in this school!!"

So this is the Day that Ruud was at the Rock School :))

27 March 2011

A better place for rock’n’roll!

By Jelena Zafirovic, singer and guitarist

That day is finally coming: the Rock School's North branch is moving to a bigger and better place for making good music!

That place will be in a building of former club “Viva”, as it was said before, thanks to the CRYM Coalition.

Attend the big opening!

March 25th 2011 (Friday) is the day of the opening, it will last from 3 PM until 12 AM and the great time is guaranteed, because besides that you will get to meet the whole team – you will listen to the great music! If you like hard rock, metal, grunge and even acoustic playing: you should already have plans for this Friday and it should be the opening.

If you attended the last gig of Mitrovica Rock School and you liked the bands: you will hear those bands again! Here’s a little secret of the performance plan:

15:00 – band Midnight performs
15:15 – band Panic performs
16:30 – band Medvedici performs
16:45 – band Revenge performs

and as a cherry on the cake: good older rock bands:
20:45 – band Lazy performs
22:30 – band Return Of The Sahbaz performs

And many other things await you!

If you would like to be a part of Mitrovica Rock School and play instruments or sing: this event will show you the good side of rock music and hopefully encourage you to come to us and show your talents!

23 March 2011

Rock School – That really rocks!

By Albana Berisha, singer

My experience in Rock School
When I first joined the School, I was like a lost person trying to find it way. I was a stranger to the others, and the others were strangers to me. But that thing changed soon…

The “Strangers” became my friends, some of them my besties. The rock school for me is a place of joy, a place of fun, a place where I have the freedom of speech, a place where I’m aloud to make mistakes (while reharsaling), and a place where I feel comfortable.

Don’t you think this is the Coolest School ever?

In Rock School I’ve met lot of people, I’ve learned lot of things… and I’m lucky for being part of it!

I’m a singer, and in the beginning I had lot of difficulties on reaching higher notes, singing with diaframe etc. But now I feel more comfortable while singing. I reach those notes without damaging my voice, and they’re not my problem anymore.

17 March 2011

After a good“winter sleep”, the MRS is now fueled with good energy and is ready for Rock’n’Roll!!!

By Blerta Kosova, singer

Recently, all of the bands were quite busy and working hard to give their best for the upcoming concert on this ending month.

There are also the new bands with complete new students that are eagerly waiting for their first performance. Unfortunately it’s not going to be this concert but I think really soon!

I know most of the newcomers and they’re really, like, REALLY excited about their new experience as band members. They’re constantly asking questions about everything in the school and we, the veterans :P .. of course try our best to guide them with the best advice that we can!

It’s really nice to see the school like this, full of life, full of new pupils that want to know more.

Mjellma (newcomer):
“Music is what feelings sound like, that’s kinda nice. Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music”

Can’t you see the glitter in their eyes!? .. well I do!
(cuz I’ve been there, and I’m kinda stuck) :D

15 March 2011

Mitrovica Rock School NL Tour – NO TOUR 'TILL BURG: The Highlights

By Nemanja "Miske" Misic, bass player and trainee bass teacher

From February 27 'till March 6, Mitrovica Rock School team visited the Fontys Rockacademyin Tilburg, Netherlands.

The team is composed of two coordinators Milos and Ajten, nine teachers Goran, Mladen, Misko, Ivana, Emir, Nesim, Valon, Edon and Erhan and for the first time, one trainee teacher Miske.

Here, you can see some interesting moments and highlights of a Training Week in Tilburg.

1st Day: Monday February 28

On the first day, in Monday morning, MRS team was welcomed by Rockacademy didactic counselor Gerdien Visser. After the opening and introduction, mr Alexander Beets of the Rockacademy presented the Cultural Entrepreneurship assignment, as you can see in the photo below.

After a working part of the day, we had a pleasant evening and dinner at Anvers.

2nd Day: Tuesday March 1

On Tuesday, MRS team visited the Music Lab session musicians and watched their performance with MRS vocal teacher Ivana.

In the afternoon we visited Recording studio in the Rockacademy and we discussed about recording, mixing, post-production etc.

In the evening we visited Loads (School of arts) in Breda and we spent a great time watching classes of different arts. After that we had a jam session. Great experience jammin' with local musicians!

3rd Day: Wednesday March 2

The first part of the day we spent at Muziekpakhuys music school, were we attended lessons. Also, we had an introduction of the school program by mr Michel Poldermans.

As a two year tradition says, one evening in the week is reserved for visiting Gerdien's home. On the Wednesday evening we were guests at Gerdien's and her husband Jos, were we had a lovely dinner. Also, the MRS teachers were jammin' in a private bar of Gerdien's.

4th Day: Thursday March 3

Thursday morning was reserved for discussion about Cultural Entrepreneurship assignment with mr Alexander Beets. Afternoon that day, we had a very interesting assignment about pop/rock materials to the criteria in the assessment system. And some results are:

In the evening we had a walking route along the Acts theme week. We saw some very interesting performances, so interesting that we forget to take photos! How bad of us...but, it was awesome.

5th Day: Friday March 4

After check out of our lovely Beekse Bergen (our home during the Training Week), we had the evaluation of the whole week. We shared our impressions and it was interesting to hear everyone's opinion about Training Week. This meant the end of amazing week in Tilburg and we were ready for our trip and one free day in Amsterdam, and of course our back to Kosovo.

9 March 2011

The newcomers, and their first impressions

By Visar Kasa, singer

Since the official opening of Mitrovica Rock School, every person in the town knows that the rock school is a center of young musicians that are getting back the old status:

"The main city in Balkan,
for rock'n'roll and music in general."


The huge success of this whole project isn't arriving it's boarders, it just goes on and on! Now MRS has welcomed over 20 newcomers, and everybody's so excited about it.

First impressions
I wanted to know what are their first impressions, what do they think about the old students, and what do they expect from MRS, so I talked to some of them, and what they said was…

Adelina said:
"Everything is so exciting, the old students were so friendly, this teamwork is going to get us further. I think with the rock school I’d be trained first to be a good musician, than to form my own band. This would fulfill my dream of making rock music."

Njomza said:
"The first time I stepped in the rock school it felt like a big family that communicate by playing music. I expect to meet new people, make new friendships, and being trained for what I’m here."

Urim said:
"I knew the some of the old students before, and they welcomed me warmly, the teachers are also very nice. I would like to travel, and make music in places I’ve never been before, and just live on with the beat."

Wonderful journey
Our great teachers picked up some very talented new students, I wish they are going to enjoy the wonderful journey of Mitrovica Rock School.

8 March 2011

A week without teachers

By Ceni Damati, drummer

This week all the teachers from Rock School were in Holland for a training week at the Fontys Rock Academy.

Not easy
It was not easy to practice whithout them because in my band the songs that we have were a little hard for mee to learn it and to do perfectly. The keyboard player Gagi has been a little lazy to learn new songs and the bass player Alban was new in the band. The guitarist Kreshnik has been like a teacher:p.. so he was really good !!

We worked harder
We started to work more harder, we went to school almost every day and we countinue practicing with a band without teachers. Ohh I forgot to tell you for the new vocalist Gjeneta that helped us a lot in new songs that we all together chose.

Ideas and tips from everyone
“The Frames” one of the band in school has work and practice too. Blerta the singer from this band said: "We had regular and random rehearsals as usual, we had no problems with the new songs because everyone was giving ideas and tips how to makee everything sound better, but we missed the teachers though."

It was different to practice in this way "without teachers" because they are so important and so helpful to us with choosing songs and learning them.