17 March 2011

After a good“winter sleep”, the MRS is now fueled with good energy and is ready for Rock’n’Roll!!!

By Blerta Kosova, singer

Recently, all of the bands were quite busy and working hard to give their best for the upcoming concert on this ending month.

There are also the new bands with complete new students that are eagerly waiting for their first performance. Unfortunately it’s not going to be this concert but I think really soon!

I know most of the newcomers and they’re really, like, REALLY excited about their new experience as band members. They’re constantly asking questions about everything in the school and we, the veterans :P .. of course try our best to guide them with the best advice that we can!

It’s really nice to see the school like this, full of life, full of new pupils that want to know more.

Mjellma (newcomer):
“Music is what feelings sound like, that’s kinda nice. Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music”

Can’t you see the glitter in their eyes!? .. well I do!
(cuz I’ve been there, and I’m kinda stuck) :D

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