15 March 2011

Mitrovica Rock School NL Tour – NO TOUR 'TILL BURG: The Highlights

By Nemanja "Miske" Misic, bass player and trainee bass teacher

From February 27 'till March 6, Mitrovica Rock School team visited the Fontys Rockacademyin Tilburg, Netherlands.

The team is composed of two coordinators Milos and Ajten, nine teachers Goran, Mladen, Misko, Ivana, Emir, Nesim, Valon, Edon and Erhan and for the first time, one trainee teacher Miske.

Here, you can see some interesting moments and highlights of a Training Week in Tilburg.

1st Day: Monday February 28

On the first day, in Monday morning, MRS team was welcomed by Rockacademy didactic counselor Gerdien Visser. After the opening and introduction, mr Alexander Beets of the Rockacademy presented the Cultural Entrepreneurship assignment, as you can see in the photo below.

After a working part of the day, we had a pleasant evening and dinner at Anvers.

2nd Day: Tuesday March 1

On Tuesday, MRS team visited the Music Lab session musicians and watched their performance with MRS vocal teacher Ivana.

In the afternoon we visited Recording studio in the Rockacademy and we discussed about recording, mixing, post-production etc.

In the evening we visited Loads (School of arts) in Breda and we spent a great time watching classes of different arts. After that we had a jam session. Great experience jammin' with local musicians!

3rd Day: Wednesday March 2

The first part of the day we spent at Muziekpakhuys music school, were we attended lessons. Also, we had an introduction of the school program by mr Michel Poldermans.

As a two year tradition says, one evening in the week is reserved for visiting Gerdien's home. On the Wednesday evening we were guests at Gerdien's and her husband Jos, were we had a lovely dinner. Also, the MRS teachers were jammin' in a private bar of Gerdien's.

4th Day: Thursday March 3

Thursday morning was reserved for discussion about Cultural Entrepreneurship assignment with mr Alexander Beets. Afternoon that day, we had a very interesting assignment about pop/rock materials to the criteria in the assessment system. And some results are:

In the evening we had a walking route along the Acts theme week. We saw some very interesting performances, so interesting that we forget to take photos! How bad of us...but, it was awesome.

5th Day: Friday March 4

After check out of our lovely Beekse Bergen (our home during the Training Week), we had the evaluation of the whole week. We shared our impressions and it was interesting to hear everyone's opinion about Training Week. This meant the end of amazing week in Tilburg and we were ready for our trip and one free day in Amsterdam, and of course our back to Kosovo.

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