9 March 2011

The newcomers, and their first impressions

By Visar Kasa, singer

Since the official opening of Mitrovica Rock School, every person in the town knows that the rock school is a center of young musicians that are getting back the old status:

"The main city in Balkan,
for rock'n'roll and music in general."


The huge success of this whole project isn't arriving it's boarders, it just goes on and on! Now MRS has welcomed over 20 newcomers, and everybody's so excited about it.

First impressions
I wanted to know what are their first impressions, what do they think about the old students, and what do they expect from MRS, so I talked to some of them, and what they said was…

Adelina said:
"Everything is so exciting, the old students were so friendly, this teamwork is going to get us further. I think with the rock school I’d be trained first to be a good musician, than to form my own band. This would fulfill my dream of making rock music."

Njomza said:
"The first time I stepped in the rock school it felt like a big family that communicate by playing music. I expect to meet new people, make new friendships, and being trained for what I’m here."

Urim said:
"I knew the some of the old students before, and they welcomed me warmly, the teachers are also very nice. I would like to travel, and make music in places I’ve never been before, and just live on with the beat."

Wonderful journey
Our great teachers picked up some very talented new students, I wish they are going to enjoy the wonderful journey of Mitrovica Rock School.

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