23 March 2011

Rock School – That really rocks!

By Albana Berisha, singer

My experience in Rock School
When I first joined the School, I was like a lost person trying to find it way. I was a stranger to the others, and the others were strangers to me. But that thing changed soon…

The “Strangers” became my friends, some of them my besties. The rock school for me is a place of joy, a place of fun, a place where I have the freedom of speech, a place where I’m aloud to make mistakes (while reharsaling), and a place where I feel comfortable.

Don’t you think this is the Coolest School ever?

In Rock School I’ve met lot of people, I’ve learned lot of things… and I’m lucky for being part of it!

I’m a singer, and in the beginning I had lot of difficulties on reaching higher notes, singing with diaframe etc. But now I feel more comfortable while singing. I reach those notes without damaging my voice, and they’re not my problem anymore.

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