31 March 2011

Ruud at the Rock School

By Ceni Damati, drummer

I didn’t know he came to Mitrovica at all, I was surprised when I saw him. At first day he didn’t saw any band but he told us to meet again on Thursday.

On Thursday wile the band "The Frames" were practicing I asked him about Rock School and the band "The Frames," he said:

"I found it very inspiring."

Blerta, Enver, Arber and Vedat are all rolemodels for the rest of the kids and examples of what you can achieve if you want to make music.

Also he had a good talk with his old friend and the light of this years Skopje trip Edona. Also he’ve seen all the coaches and they had some good talks...

Ruud have seen and talk with new student of Rock School too, I asked Adelina, one of new student in school, about Ruud and she said:

"My opinion as a new student for Ruud is that he is so friendly, and so affectionate. I haven't known him before but when I said "hi" to him, he was so good in his reply, and I feel so good that he was so friendly with me even I am a new student in this school!!"

So this is the Day that Ruud was at the Rock School :))

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