8 March 2011

A week without teachers

By Ceni Damati, drummer

This week all the teachers from Rock School were in Holland for a training week at the Fontys Rock Academy.

Not easy
It was not easy to practice whithout them because in my band the songs that we have were a little hard for mee to learn it and to do perfectly. The keyboard player Gagi has been a little lazy to learn new songs and the bass player Alban was new in the band. The guitarist Kreshnik has been like a teacher:p.. so he was really good !!

We worked harder
We started to work more harder, we went to school almost every day and we countinue practicing with a band without teachers. Ohh I forgot to tell you for the new vocalist Gjeneta that helped us a lot in new songs that we all together chose.

Ideas and tips from everyone
“The Frames” one of the band in school has work and practice too. Blerta the singer from this band said: "We had regular and random rehearsals as usual, we had no problems with the new songs because everyone was giving ideas and tips how to makee everything sound better, but we missed the teachers though."

It was different to practice in this way "without teachers" because they are so important and so helpful to us with choosing songs and learning them.

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