16 April 2011

A dream that came true!

By Gjylisha Cena, singer

Since I was a little girl I always dreamt to be a singer. I did concerts on my own and imagined my self singing on stage.

I saw a lot of movies with music schools and I always wished to be part of a school like that. And than I heard about this amazing school. I first heard on September 2008, and I was very surprised.

So I decided to participate in the audition to become a singer in rock school. It was a great opportunity, and I wasn’t willing to let it go.

When I got in the audition I was a little bit scared, I always sang only in my room. But this was the moment I was expecting for a long time!

SO I GOT IN! Ever since I’m part of this school!

At the beginning it was a little hard, it was a new road I was taking. But this school is not like other schools. This one is different, here you can be yourself. The teachers will always help you, and the other student will always support you.

Here I met a lot of new people, different musicians that inspire you. I learned a lot of things, still am! I learned how to corporate to make music with others, different singing techniques etc. etc.

This school really helped me to create my own style on singing. I guess dreams really come true, because mine did! And that is thanks to Rock school.

So if you love music, you know where is the right place!

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